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Catch all uncaughtException for Node app - Stack Overflow
[[Also worth noting that node follows the unix principle, meaning that each application should do one thing well. In the case of wanting an email when the app crashes, that's outside the scope of your app. Instead, you crash (and log) as @xShirase says, and then have something else (e.g. systemd or logwatch) taking note of that and sending emails when a threshold is reached (even if that threshold is "any error").

I think there's like a set of 'stages of enlightenment' that Node devs seem to all go through (at least, all the ones I've known/observed have, myself included), where you start off with this enterprisey-best-practice background of trying to package everything a certain way and only later learn to let go and trust the environment and supporting tools. 12factor.net is a good resource to help with that, but a lot of it is learning what tools are available. I've only recently started using things like systemd and logstash to do what i used to do with pm2 and custom code. No new wheels. :)]]
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12 days ago by dandv
Relic Solution - Scripted Browser Error Handling and Alerting on Step Failures - Proven Practice: Level Up Relic Solutions / Level Up: Synthetics - New Relic Explorers Hub
In a Scripted Browser monitor there maybe some steps in the journey that you don’t want the monitor to alert on, such as checking for the existence of a modal overlay for a campaign, so you can close it, and then resume checking other critical elements. Or sometimes, if a step fails, there maybe some extra steps you want to take before failing the monitor, like adding a custom attribute to your SyntheticCheck event 7.

This is where onRejected handler functions for the .then() method comes in handy. Think of them as a callback (errback) function but for unresolved promises / errors. I find this is sometimes under utilized, but it can add some versatility to your script and your alerting.
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6 weeks ago by amilnarski

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