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onboarding  handbook  teams 
15 days ago by jagregory
Glitch Employee Handbook
A good example of an employee handbook
employment  handbook 
16 days ago by motdiem
Glitch Employee Handbook
Radically transparent handbook for Glitch employees.
Good reading. Good ideas.
glitch  handbook  employeehandbook  culture  hr 
18 days ago by drmeme
Handbook on Negotiating Sustainable Development Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements | United Nations ESCAP
This handbook categorises four core sustainable development provisions: environment, labour, human rights, and cooperation and technical assistance. In addition, the handbook also analyses the enforceability framework around different uses of the term “sustainability” in the four core provisions. Furthermore, the handbook offers comprehensive recommendations for the negotiation process as well as monitoring and evaluation of RTAs for sustainability.
Trade  commerce  asia  Sustainability  handbook  Evaluation 
20 days ago by weitzenegger
Slidedeck based on The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods
research  analytics  social-media  handbook 
6 weeks ago by mjlassila

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