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Mini-APRS-Transceiver | Wifi UMTS/3G GSM Antennas, Radio Amateur Antenna, coaxial cables assemblies, radio accessories
'Worlds smallest APRS transceiver with TNC' offers many applications. Matchbox-sized, built-in GPS receiver.
hamradio  aprs 
12 days ago by neurodyne
AA5TB - Small Loop Antennas
Small transmitting loop antennas by AA5TB.
antenna  ham  radio  hamradio  antennas 
12 days ago by bjbishop
Beginners Quick Guide | The Basics of DMR Digital Mobile Radio – Radioddity
"The nice thing about standards is there are so many to choose from." I love the ironic humour in this statement; a standard should result in everyone doing things the same way in order to be compatible, and prevent having to constantly re-invent the wheel. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  dmr  hamradio 
20 days ago by bjbishop
DD3ZE.de electronic components, has specialized in the shipping of RF components and radio technical Specialized products.
hamradio  hardware 
22 days ago by techn0mad

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