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Leatherdos - Mini tools clip - Great gifts for fun people at Monkey Business
A multi functional hair clip that doubles as a toolbox on the go! Screw drivers, wrench, trolley coin, ruler & cutting edge, all combined in this tiny hair clip.
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august 2014 by lucasalvini
Urban guides for cyberflâneurs
Upon opening A smart Guide to Utopia, the first statement you read claims that cities are the true natural habitat of the human race: "Cities are where we are best, where individuals become communities." Even if we don't agree with such a manifesto, it is bold enough to catch our attention and hold our interested while discovering the 111 projects from across Europe presented in the book. Nearly all the projects can be described under the motto of tactical urbanism and bottom-up practices. Each chapter starts with a brief essay — "open your mind" — on the future of the city by a selection of writers and researchers including Ben Hammersley, Maria Popova and Adam Greenfield.
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september 2012 by zzkt
Ben Hammersley Doesn’t Get Flappy | Jack Move Magazine
Trying really hard not to have a huge man crush on @benhammersley after reading this interview:
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january 2011 by zeigor
BBC NEWS | Special Reports | 2007 | Webreporter_Turkey
The BBC show how social networks and web2.0 apps can be bought together on a page. That means that they don't just publish the content they share the content. Share the love and you get love back.
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july 2007 by digidickinson
Press Gazette - BBC reporter tours Turkey in social media experiment
“By using external tools we’re able to do very interesting things very quickly without resorting to any enormously long development time. It’s about being part of the web, rather than on the web.” - the BBC gets it.
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june 2007 by gmwils

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