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A few construction notes and useful modifications for the GW3UEP amplifier
Here are a few changes which will make this amplifier work better but keep in mind that it is Class-E and demands a good 50 +j0 ohm load. These FETs don’t handle reactive loads well at all. There are additional mods for those interesting in a CW-specific amplifier (see the CW-specific amplifier schematic on the previous page for details on the waveform shaping circuit).
cw  amplifier  amateur  radio  ham  class-e 
2 days ago by mwishek
HF Ham Radio on a Budget: QRP Labs, QRPGuys, CW Academy - KE6MT
"I’ll probably write more about this in other posts, but I believe that we are indeed in the midst of a golden age for amateur radio. Never before have we had such easy access to information, parts and kits needed to get on the air and to experiment.  From microcontrollers to easily available parts and information, never have there been more possibilities for experimentation.  With ingeniously-designed inexpensive kits, it’s easier than ever to get on the air.  Whether it’s VHF/UHF, HF, microwave, or all of the above—if you’re interested, you can do it."
ham  radio  hardware 
7 days ago by ddribin
Antenna Design Project for the NC ARES Net
Describes a attic dipole for the 75m band used by the NC ARES net
Ham  ARES  NC  design  antennas 
13 days ago by clmccomas

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