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Riblets Are Way Better Than Wings | Bon Appetit
rack of baby back ribs, which should weigh between 2 ½ and 3 pounds (St. Louis style will work as well, if that’s what your shop has in stock). Ask for them to be halved lengthwise so that you have two long strips, and then cut between each rib bone to make individual ribs. consider bandsaw
Riblets, like wings, benefit from crunchy cold things alongside. I serve these with celery sticks that have been tossed with fresh lime juice and flaky salt—you could do the same with cucumbers, carrots, or jicama. Pour the extra marinade into a little bowl and pile the ribs into a perfectly imperfect pile.
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Der ist doch sowas, wie das des Sports. Oder? Jedenfalls ist beides (irgendwie) aus Amerika u…
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Gebt keinem etwas, der sich nicht ausweisen kann! Erst recht nicht an , da sind sie nämlich…
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Adafruit HalloWing
Are you the kind of person who doesn't like taking down the skeletons and spiders until after January? Well, we've got the development board for you. This is electronics at its most spooky! The Adafruit HalloWing is a skull-shaped ATSAMD21 board with a ton of extras built in to make for an adorable wearable, badge, development kit, or the engine for your next cosplay or prop.
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november 2018 by cyberchucktx
The Modern Roots of Pagan Halloween | Beth Allison Barr
Timothy Larsen, in his fabulous book The Slain God: Anthropologists & the Christian Faith (which I highly recommend), writes of the irony of The Golden Bough–its theory rejected by scholars yet embraced by the public. “[Frazer’s] work is generally, if not universally, dismissed today by anthropologists, but they are nonetheless saddled with the reality that The Golden Bough is the most popular and influential book in the history of the discipline in terms of its wider cultural impact.” Frazer wrapped his tale about Halloween within his larger theory about the progression of human society, from a world of magic to a world of religion to (finally) a world of science. Modern religious beliefs like Christianity were born in magic (paganism). As he wrote in a 1904 letter to Henry Jackson, “The facts of comparative religion appear to me subversive of Christian theology.”
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november 2018 by the_alt

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