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Sunday morning rain is falling by Hyeyu
This is a petit four of a story: an irresistible and perfect bite. It's a lazy weekend and Oikawa is going through his fan mail, which is a good thing, because Iwaizumi sometimes struggles to communicate how Shittykawa still makes him feel. Incredibly sweet.
haikyuu  iwaizumi/oikawa 
3 days ago by pru
cross my heart, open wide by acchikocchi
Iwaizumi goes on a date with a human shaped person who is not Oikawa, who handles this with precisely the dignity and measured gravitas you'd expect from Oikawa. Hilarious, and wonderfully sweet.
haikyuu  iwaizumi/oikawa 
6 days ago by pru
when i get home - blessings by Haikyuu!!
Iwaizumi and Oikawa, through a lifetime of telephone calls and voicemails. The voicemail at the very end is absolutely killer.
haikyuu  iwaizumi/oikawa 
6 days ago by pru
Close to the Chest by darkmagicalgirl
This is a story of Yahaba coming to terms with who he is, and all the volleyball he plays along the way. This story is equal parts hurtful and so funny, and the entire Seijoh volleyball club plays glorious supporting roles in the piece: Oikawa as a surprisingly useful senior to have around, Watari as the best pal a guy could ask for, Iwaizumi as your usually great senior who can be talked into black bagging you for nonconsensual sex ed at summer training camp -- and most importantly, Kyoutani, w...
haikyuu  yahaba/kyoutani 
7 days ago by pru
The Edge of One of Many Circles by umisabaku
This is honestly one of the funniest stories I've ever read. In a universe where people are shifters, Kageyama grows up in a family of wolves and wakes up one day as an anomaly: a crow. Imagine Kageyama's canonical baseline ability to communicate (read: extremely poor) compounded with the socioromantic struggles of trying to navigate crow courting season when you have no idea how birds court and you're still leaning on all of your learned apex predator instincts. This is a story wherein Kageyama gets punched TWICE (2) and Tsukishima does not even get punched ONCE. A tour de force.
haikyuu  hinata/kageyama 
8 days ago by pru
well, maybe i'm a crook by aruariandance
The thing is-- Hinata is in love with Kageyama and everyone knows it, including Kageyama.

|| Kageyama struggling and feeling insecure about being loved
fanfic  haikyuu  words:5.000-10.000  angst  cuddling  ao3  family 
9 days ago by hatinjacket
Ask a Stupid Question by darkmagicalgirl
In the near future, a Miyagi news station has the unfortunate pleasure of interviewing the team captains of some local high school volleyball teams headed for nationals. It goes about as well as can be expected when all of them are either trolls of deranged or deranged trolls. CHARMING.
haikyuu  ennoshita/futakuchi 
9 days ago by pru
Jump into the Fire by norio
“Yeah? I eat a lot of meat.”

“You’re a rabbit.”

“But meat is really good."
fanfic  haikyuu  au  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  animals  mythology  author:norio  grief  cuddling  words:10.000-20.000 
17 days ago by hatinjacket
one in a hundred by norio
Though he has no proof, Bokuto suspects dating would be a lot easier if Akaashi stopped trying to break up with him. (4,080 words)
fanfic  haikyuu  Akaashi/Bokuto  ao3  words:<5.000  miscommunication  author:norio  via:theodosia21 
4 weeks ago by hatinjacket
keep me young
the 1 where oikage aren't soulm8s but stay 2gether anyway, aka my fave soulm8 au fic
haikyuu  oikawa/kageyama  fic  by:seconddaysea 
5 weeks ago by krim
the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle - kittebasu (chanyeol) - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
Tooru is pretty sure he could manage the mating habits of a mosquito. It’s the mating habits of people he can’t seem to get right.

//pretty much perfect
6 weeks ago by blue6545
Where Are They Now by mousapelli
This is a fantastically fun and charming "what if": What if Takeda-sensei really WAS the Little Giant, and none of the kids knew because what started as a misunderstanding-cum-joke has now officially gone too far. Absolutely delightful.
haikyuu  ukai/takeda 
6 weeks ago by pru
to be first, to be best - kittebasu (chanyeol) - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, and as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks “I’m totally in love with this asshole, aren't I?”

//trying to find this/ thinking about this so congrats to me
haikyuu  fanfiction 
6 weeks ago by blue6545
Playing Grown-Up by longleggedgit
A sweet and romantic and realistic look at how our favorite coach and our beloved sensei might get their act together -- with bonus Kageyama Is Bad At Feelings But Even Worse At Timing. Really charming.
haikyuu  ukai/takeda 
6 weeks ago by pru
Make It Up As You Go by mousapelli
If you've never played "I'm a worse adult than you are" with your friends -- or, you know, the cute volleyball club advisor you're boning -- then are you really even an adult?
haikyuu  ukai/takeda 
6 weeks ago by pru
Breakfast of Champions by mousapelli
Takeda meeting Ukai -- whether or not he knows it yet -- was probably the only auspicious part of an inauspicious start at Karasuno High School. Super super cute.
haikyuu  ukai/takeda 
6 weeks ago by pru
Wound Tight by mousapelli
Even if Coach Ukai doesn't look like the kind of guy who did well in school, you know he loves his dumb birds. A great, sharp little look at a potential moment of future doubt!
haikyuu  ukai/takeda 
7 weeks ago by pru
pockets full of posies - lostlenore - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
“Thinking about setting someone on fire doesn’t mean you really want to set someone on fire does it?” Kyoutani mutters to Kindaichi. “It’s only for a second and then you feel sort of bad about it, but that one second is a lot of fucking fun.”

(Or: a Pushing Daisies AU)
haikyuu  iwaizumi/oikawa 
7 weeks ago by engine
just hear me out - loveclouds - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
To stimulate Japan's low birthrates and take most of the guesswork out of dating, a beeper system was biologically developed in people's wrists, an audible confirmation to show romantic compatibility.

Iwaizumi's beeper has been going off for Oikawa since they've been kids. Oikawa's has only ever been silent.
soulmates  haikyuu  pining  angst  best.friends 
7 weeks ago by blue6545

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