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Poetic License | The New Yorker
You feel — however — that the Guys / Are racing Lamborghinis — / To sublimate a swelling wish / To wave around their — Weenies —
movies  reviews  poem  haha 
24 days ago by daniel.c.mccarthy
Hugo Rifkind on Twitter: "Here follows a Brexit thread."
For God's sake, are you stupid? It's a submarine built out of cheese.
uk  brexit  haha 
4 weeks ago by daniel.c.mccarthy
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funny  lol  meme  what  car  haha  race  cars  racing  tom  auto  see  motorsport  tim  coronel  circuit  qualifying  wtcc  wtcr  oeps  p23  swetty  auto's  wynajem  samochody 
october 2018 by architektura
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funny  lol  meme  car  haha  race  cars  racing  driving  tom  auto  driver  motorsport  wheel  tim  motor  coronel  circuit  races  steering  wtcc  wtc 
october 2018 by architektura
Metallica whiskey is made using sound waves from band's music, it says
imagine Metallica using copyright law to prevent home distillers from making their own with "I Disappear"
music  bourbon  alcohol  celebrity  haha 
september 2018 by daniel.c.mccarthy

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