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Your car has just been crushed by hagfish: Frequently Asked Questions | Southern Fried Science
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Your car has just been crushed by hagfish: Frequently Asked Questions
Wait, what?

Earlier today, Oregon State Police reported that a truck carrying a shipment of live hagfish overturned, spilling it’s slimy cargo all over the highway and damaging at least one vehicle."
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july 2017 by robertogreco
US Navy Synthetically Recreates Biomaterial to Assist Military Personnel
Using e.coli to bulk manufacture hagfish slime proteins, which form as compressed nanothreads that expand into a large area mesh, with properties similar to kevlar.
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january 2017 by asteroza
In Korea, eel helps beat the heat-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily
The alley where gomjangeo is sold at Busan’s Jagalchi Market is still the most vibrant part of the market. There are about 100 merchants on the street grilling eel to order. Some of the oldest storefronts have been there since the Korean War. It costs about 30,000 won for a two-person serving of gomjangeo.

“There are many loyal patrons who have been coming for the past three or four decades,” said Park Bok-sun, who has been serving customers there for 45 years. “It is a bit uncomfortable and l...
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december 2015 by noodlepie
Hagfish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hagfish are not often eaten, owing to their repugnant looks and sliminess. However the inshore hagfish, found in the Northwest Pacific,[26] is valued as food on the Korean Peninsula. The hagfish is kept alive and irritated by rattling its container with a stick, prompting it to produce slime in large quantities. This slime is used in a similar manner as egg whites in various forms of cookery in the region. The inshore hagfish, known as kkomjangeo (꼼장어) or meokjango (먹장어) in Korean an...
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december 2015 by noodlepie
Zoologger: Slime killer hagfish feasts in rotten flesh - life - 27 October 2011 - New Scientist
After you're dead it will drag you out of your burrow and devour you. But it's unlikely anyone will try to devour it in turn, because that slime it used to kill you also protects it from predators. Besides, why would anyone want to eat a creature that regularly eats decaying corpses from the inside out?
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october 2011 by oliverk

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