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👾 with human rights activist & author Maureen Webb & alleged hacker…
Hacktivism  from twitter_favs
yesterday by body-tech23
Radical Servers - riseup.net
Nice list of hacktivist orgs throughout the world
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november 2019 by jamiew
Trippy T-Shirt Makes You Invisible To AI
A team of researchers from Northeastern University, IBM, and MIT developed a T-shirt design that hides the wearer from image recognition systems by confusing the algorithms trying to spot people into thinking they're invisible. Adversarial designs, as this kind of anti-AI tech is known, are meant to "trick" object detection algorithms into seeing something different from what's there, or not seeing anything at all. In some cases, these designs are made by tweaking parts of a whole image just enough so that the AI can't read it correctly. The change might be imperceptible to a human, but to a machine vision algorithm it can be very effective: In 2017, researchers fooled computers into thinking a turtle was a rifle. A T-shirt is a low-barrier way to move around the world unnoticed by AI watchers. Previously, researchers have tried to create adversarial fashion using patches attached to stiff cardboard, so that the design doesn't distort on soft fabric while the wearer moves. If the design is warped or part of it isn't visible, it becomes ineffective.
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november 2019 by jonippolito
WikiLeaks Release Excludes Evidence of €2 Billion Transfer from Syria to Russia
A trove of hacked emails published by WikiLeaks in 2012 excludes records of a €2 billion transaction between the Syrian regime and a government-owned Russian bank, according to leaked U.S. court documents obtained by the Daily Dot.

WikiLeaks has become an ever-prominent force in the 2016 presidential election through its publishing of tens of thousands of emails, voicemails, and documents stolen from the Democratic National Committee by hackers that U.S. authorities and cybersecurity experts believe are linked to the Russian government. The transparency organization, which boasts of a commitment to use “cryptography to protect human rights” against repressive regimes, has faced criticism from supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and praise from Republican opponent Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The court records, placed under seal by a Manhattan federal court and obtained by the Daily Dot through an anonymous source, show in detail how a group of hacktivists breached the Syrian government’s networks on the eve of the country’s civil war and extracted emails about major bank transactions the Syrian regime was hurriedly making amid a host of economic sanctions. In the spring of 2012, most of the emails found their way into a WikiLeaks database.

But one set of emails in particular didn’t make it into the cache of documents published by WikiLeaks in July 2012 as “The Syria Files,” despite the fact that the hackers themselves were ecstatic at their discovery. The correspondence, which WikiLeaks has denied withholding, describes “more than” €2 billion ($2.4 billion, at current exchange rates) moving from the Central Bank of Syria to Russia’s VTB Bank.
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april 2019 by harcesz
Anti-Trump Activists Defend Fake-Washington Post Stunt | WIRED
“Obviously it’s foremost in our thinking about this,” Bichlbaum says of the issue of fake news. “If you look at the website, I think you might agree it would take someone very strange to spend much time believing it’s true.”

Another difference, he says: Real fake-news artists never reveal that the news is fake, whereas the Yes Men put out a press release revealing themselves hours after the campaign went live. (The phone number accompanying the release includes an automated voice message that says, "Thank you for calling The Washington Post.")

Before then, though, there was plenty of misreporting. Early Wednesday morning, MoveOn video producer Sara Kenigsberg shared photos of the activists standing in front of the White House on Twitter. Her tweets quickly went viral.1 The website Mediaite.com reported that MoveOn was behind the campaign, an allegation MoveOn later denied. Mediaite corrected its story.

There is, of course, an important line between satire and outright propaganda, and satire has always played an important role in political discourse. But in a world in which information is all filtered through the same channels, it can become increasingly tricky to stay on the right side of that line.

Bichlbaum says he was aware of some of the negative feedback the campaign received online Wednesday morning, but, he says, “It doesn’t bother us. We’re not out to make any friends. We’re out to get things out there and make change. If we piss off a couple people along the way, that’s fine.”
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january 2019 by jonippolito
Practically Engaged: The entanglements between data journalism and civic tech: Digital Journalism: Vol 6, No 6
This article explores the entanglements between data journalists and civic technologists. Following an approach inspired by practice theory, it describes how they form a community that comes together through interlocking practices and complementary values and ambitions. Data journalists and civic technologists interlock along a continuum that oscillates between practices of facilitating (enabling others to take action themselves) and gatekeeping (being impactful and steer public debates). Depending on how much emphasis is put on either facilitating or gatekeeping, four different groups are identified that differ in how they position their work, in their professional self-understanding and in how they use data: Normalizers, Experimenters, Translators and Facilitators. The article concludes by suggesting that actors populating this community of practice can be described as flexible data professionals who aspire to work in a public interest. The findings illustrate how the progressive datafication of social life creates new entanglements between the field of journalism and civil society and we should pay more attention to such entanglements and the implications for increasingly datafied publics.
Research  dj  hacktivism  civictech 
july 2018 by paulbradshaw
ATX Hack for Change: 3-day civic hackathon in Austin
Since 2013, ATX Hack For Change has been Austin’s annual civic hackathon where people hack social good problems submitted by the community in a 3-day event.
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may 2018 by cyberchucktx
Disaster Hack: Art, Tech, and Innovation for Disaster Zone Development
We are a collaboration of humanitarian artists, creators, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, We question the way things are being thought about and done and create new sustainable solutions to today's toughest challenges. We are humanitarian hackers.
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july 2017 by cyberchucktx

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