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Disable the Firefox safe-mode key trigger (shift on win, option on mac) using an environment variable
Mozilla finally added an environment variable to control this behavior. Unfortunately, configuring this environment variable in a way that applies to the overall graphical system, rather than merely a bash session, is a bit difficult. This used to be done via /etc/launchd.conf, but macOS dropped support for this in v10.10. Fortunately, systemctl offers a .plist file system which can define run programs and define system-wide environment variables at boot, so I published this working .plist file, with instructions for installing and removing it:


This is awesome for me, because I like to launch my web browser from anywhere in the GUI with Control+Alt+G via QuickSilver, which of course includes the Alt modifier that Firefox tends to interpret as signaling safe mode.
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3 hours ago by sashabe
WebPipes is a work-in-progress proposal for linking together web services.
WebPipes is a work-in-progress proposal for linking together web services.
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3 hours ago by michaelfox
'a bash script that works like tee command. Instead of writing the standard input to files, slacktee posts it to Slack.'

(via Ardi)
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yesterday by jm
Twicsy's Blog, How I targeted the Reddit CEO with Facebook ads to...
a very interesting technique to increase his chances of closing deals. Who wants to buy from a company they have never heard of? Not many people. His strategy was to target prospects (as directly as possible) with Facebook ads about his product so that when he called or met with them, they would already know the name. They probably didn’t know why they knew, but they had seen the name before, and that meant a great deal when meeting or speaking for the first time.
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3 days ago by noah
fridge 0.1
he's making a fridge that draws power directly from solar panels - no battery interface.
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4 days ago by circius
Low Level Bit Hacks You Absolutely Must Know - good coders code, great coders reuse
I decided to write an article about a thing that is second nature to embedded systems programmers - low level bit hacks. Bit hacks are ingenious little programming tricks that manipulate integers in a smart and efficient manner. Instead of performing some operation (such as counting the 1 bits in ...
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5 days ago by pelf

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