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position: sticky is Amazing
CSS just got a sweet little upgrade. position:sticky just landed in Chrome 56. Sticky positioning in CSS lets us build some really neat interactions in very few lines of code. It’s useful for any time you want a UI element to stick around in view as the user is scrolling, but not become sticky until the element gets to a specific distance from the top/bottom/left/right egde of the scrolling viewport. It’s like a position:fixed element that’s a sleeper agent spy. It behaves just like a regular position:relative element - even fooling its own parents and siblings - until the secret distance is met, activatating the position:fixed behavior of the spy.
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4 days ago by sashabe
An event for CSS position:sticky  |  Web  |  Google Developers
Here's a secret: You may not need scroll events in your next app. Using an IntersectionObserver, I show how you can fire a custom event when position:sticky elements become fixed or when they stop sticking. All without the use of scroll listeners.
javascript  google  css  hacks 
8 days ago by sashabe
Sims 2 Hacks - Faiuwle
This is a collection of small mods I've made to make The Sims 2 more livable and less aggravating, and sometimes more realistic. All hacks work with Apartment Life. They may work without Apartment Life as well, but I haven't tried them. I use all of these hacks myself. If you notice any problems with these when using them, let me know. I will probably continue to update this page from time to time.
sims2  hacks 
8 days ago by timberwolfoz
How To Learn By Doing Nothing: Observational Learning
“Monkey see, monkey do” has been a pejorative American idiom for ages, most often deployed by parents when scolding children for emulating a friend’s naughty behavior. Now, courtesy of the internet and streaming video, the phrase takes on a new, pos…
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11 days ago by evansthompson

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