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Un gimnasio para tecnología
"Este hackerspace es como un gimnasio... un gimnasio para quienes quieren ejercitarse, trabajar, colaborar y experimentar con las nuevas tecnologías."
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8 weeks ago by egrajeda
Airline strike means I get to make it to the weekly meeting and open house at
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11 weeks ago by mathpunk
DevDungeon | Virtual Hackerspace
DevDungeon.com is a virtual hackerspace community with resources for developers and hackers.
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april 2019 by gdw
Make a friend, find a party or meet a date!
Whip uses a low-key, anonymous chat form, in a way that lets you communicate with new people nearby!
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april 2019 by zyron
CymaSpace Announces Access Lab – A Space For All | CymaSpace
Access Lab – A Space For All is facilitated by CymaSpace, a Portland non-profit arts and technology incubator. CymaSpace is dedicated to making all cultural events more accessible and inclusive to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing through technology, education and outreach. Committed Deaf and hearing volunteers lend their skills to develop a variety of art installations and stage sets that synergize sound, light, and vibration. The work of CymaSpace has been featured nationally on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as at festivals like What The Fest?, PDX Winter Light Festival, Kentucky DeaFestival, and prominent local institutions such as Portland Art Museum, Clark County Historical Museum and Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI).
makers  hackerspace  accessibility  community  Portland  sound  music 
march 2019 by liberatr

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