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Stewart Brand and the Tools to Make the Whole Earth Better | WIRED
Surveying the landscape that formed and energized WIRED, you can’t avoid the mythic stuff of Brand: He was one of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, as immortalized in Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. He worked with Douglas Engelbart on “The Mother of All Demos,” which in 1968 introduced hypertext, email, the mouse. He created the Whole Earth Catalog and its descendants­; he founded CoEvolution Quarterly.
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Nortel hacking went on for years
FEBRUARY 14, 2012 | FT Alphaville | By Joseph Cotterill.
Chinese hackers had undetected access to sensitive Nortel data for almost a decade from 2000, the WSJ reports. The extent to which Nortel, the once-mighty telecoms giant, was compromised shows the lack of corporate defences against hacking. Nortel didn’t disclose its hacking problem to buyers of its assets. Spy software was so deeply embedded in Nortel computers that investigators failed to spot its existence for years. The SEC last year began pushing companies to classify serious cyber attacks on their infrastructure as “material risks” that may require financial disclosure.
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A practical guide to finding problems to solve in less than 60 minutes
A practical system you can use to extract problems worth solving from your own life and experiences in less than an hour.
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