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Pentagon Turns to High-Speed Traders to Fortify Markets Against Cyberattack
Oct. 15, 2017 7| WSJ | By Alexander Osipovich.

"What it would be like if a malicious actor wanted to cause havoc on U.S. financial markets?".....Dozens of high-speed traders and others from Wall Street are helping the Pentagon study how hackers could unleash chaos in the U.S. financial system. The Department of Defense’s research arm, DARPA, over the past year and a half has consulted executives at high-frequency trading firms and quantitative hedge funds, and people from exchanges and other financial companies, participants in the discussions said. Officials described the effort, the Financial Markets Vulnerabilities Project, as an early-stage pilot project aimed at identifying market vulnerabilities.

Among the potential scenarios: Hackers could cripple a widely used payroll system; they could inject false information into stock-data feeds, sending trading algorithms out of whack; or they could flood the stock market with fake sell orders and trigger a market crash......Among potential targets that could appeal to hackers given their broad reach are credit-card companies, payment processors and payroll companies such as ADP, which handles the paychecks for one in six U.S. workers, participants said.....The goal of Darpa’s project is to develop a simulation of U.S. markets, which could be used to test scenarios, Such software would need to model complex, interrelated markets—not just stocks but also markets such as futures—as well as the behavior of automated trading systems operating within them....Many quantitative trading firms already do something similar.......
In 2009, military experts took part in a two-day war game exploring a “global financial war” involving China and Russia, according to “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis,” a 2011 book by James Rickards. ....“Our charge at Darpa is to think far out,” he said. “It’s not ‘What is the attack today?’ but ‘What are the vectors of attack 20 years from now?’”
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It's 10pm Saturday night @ & in are investing in learning. I'd put this community up…
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Protecting The Sensitive Files On Your Computer From Hackers
Although technology has evolved to keep our files secure, computer hacking is still a very serious threat.
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Tips for Securing Your Wireless Network
Hackers have discovered a myriad of ways to get your personal information through your wireless network. Stay safe with these tips!
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Post a boarding pass on Facebook, get your account stolen | Michal Špaček
Post a boarding pass on Facebook, get your account stolen - Holiday time is in full swing. When you want to brag about your final destination, be careful of what you post on Facebook and Instagram. Leave your boarding passes (and other barcodes) for yourself (and get a shredder). I've known Petr Mára for few years now, he's a nice guy. via Pocket, added September 23, 2017 at 08:39PM
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