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How I spent my Christmas enabling SSR – Hacker Noon
In recent years the idea of the PWA (progressive web apps) has grown massively. Several of the major JavaScript boilerplate libraries have made changes to be more compliant (create-react-app for example).
HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com  javascript  React  React.js  ReactJS 
10 days ago by GameGamer43
Building An E-commerce Search App with React Native 🔰
We will go over the process of building a starter e-commerce mobile app for searching through a books datastore using React native. If you have never worked with React Native before, this can act as a kickstart to your mobile app development journey with Javascript! 🎉
ReactNative  HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com 
18 days ago by GameGamer43
Efficiently snapshotting your single-page-apps with Puppeteer
My hobby project — npmcharts, is a single-page app that shows the download trends of various npm packages. If you went looking into which headless chrome library to use, you’ll see this graph in your browser -
HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com  node.js  nodejs  javascript 
18 days ago by GameGamer43
How I Shipped Six Side Projects in 2017 – Hacker Noon
Last year I set a goal to learn something new each month and ended out launching six new projects which I’ll recap along with what I learned below. Looking back, it seems a little crazy to me that I…
side-projects  inspiration  arc  programming  hn  hackernoon 
9 weeks ago by otlib
The Stress of Remote Working – Hacker Noon
In software engineering, remote working makes a lot of sense since, most of the time, you only need a computer and an internet connection to perform your duties. So there are less reasons to force people to sit in a predefined office everyday. Consequently, it has become an important feature of a lot of IT jobs, even in Belgium, while it is definitely not the most forward looking job market. That said, most of the time, the remote working offer only apply to a part of the week (1 or 2 days a wee...
hackernoon  hackernoon.com  remote_work  remote_teams 
9 weeks ago by GameGamer43
An Introduction to Docker Through Story – Hacker Noon
My previous few story-based articles seem to have really hit it off and I’ve had some very good feedback from you all. As such I thought I’d continue the series and start introducing more granular topics such as containerization and Docker.
Dotcloud_Docker  Docker  HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com 
11 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
Everyone says the blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is going to change EVERYTHING. And yet, after years of tireless effort and billions of dollars invested, nobody has actually come up with a use for the blockchain—besides currency speculation and illegal transactions.

Each purported use case — from payments to legal documents, from escrow to voting systems—amounts to a set of contortions to add a distributed, encrypted, anonymous ledger where none was needed. What if there isn’t actually any use for a distributed ledger at all? What if, ten years after it was invented, the reason nobody has adopted a distributed ledger at scale is because nobody wants it?
Blockchain  cryptocurrencies  Bitcoin  technology  innovation  review  critique  author:KaiStinchcombe  HackerNoon  2017 
11 weeks ago by inspiral
I Hacked HQ Trivia But Here’s How They Can Stop Me – Hacker Noon
HQ Trivia, one of the hottest apps of 2017, is reinventing what game shows look like in the 21st century. On HQ, you can tune in live every day to answer trivia questions for the chance to win thousands of dollars.
HQTrivia  HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com 
12 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Javascript and Functional Programming: An Introduction
Omer GoldbergFollow
hacker | entrepreneur | http://mindflowai.com
Nov 27
Javascript and Functional Programming: An Introduction
Note: This is part of the “Javascript and Functional Programming” series on learning functional programming techniques in JavaScript ES6+. Checkout <Part 2> on First Class Functions.
I’ve always been about the bottom line. Uninterested in pseudo intellectual concepts, fancy terminology and hype. Instead, I always reach for the tools and technologies that help me ship code as soon as possible. This approach was initially productive — specifically when I was building smaller “proof of concept” applications.
Unfortunately, this approach did not scale. As I progressed as a developer I started feeling the law of diminishing return on my productivity. Setting up a project, and reaching basic functionality was fast
hackernoon  blog  javascript  functional  programming  tutorial 
december 2017 by ndf
Set Up SSL on Github Pages With Custom Domains for Free
Engineer | Programmer | Researcher | More at https://www.priyanshujain.me/ @github: priyanshujain
Jan 24
Set Up SSL on Github Pages With Custom Domains for Free


Sign up for Cloudflare if you don’t already have an account.
Add your website, and make sure all automatically generated records match those on your registrar’s website.
3. If you already have a gh-pages website and are simply moving to https, you don’t need to do anything else.
4. If not, and are trying to set up your site at apex, create an A record pointing to Github’s IP addresses, else a CNAME pointing to your-username.github.io.
5. Make sure there’s a CNAME file at the root of your gh-pages repo with your domain name.
6. Make sure there’s a CNAME file at the root of your gh-pages repo with your domain name.
7. Go to your Domain Registrar’s website and change the Domain Name Servers to those Cloudflare provides you with.
8. Finish Setting up your Domain on Cloudflare and go to the Domain Dashboard.
9. Open the “Cloudflare Settings” for your domain, and change the SSL Setting to “Flexible SSL”.
10. Redirect all visitors to HTTPS/SSL using page rule.
ssl  http  github  jekyll  blog  security  search  cloudflare  hackernoon 
december 2017 by ndf
Building a movie app interface with Vue.js – Hacker Noon
Most of us use an online streaming service (e.g. Netflix) to watch our favourite shows/movies. This post will highlight how to build a similarly styled movie streaming interface, with Vue.js 2.0 (see image above).
HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com  Vue.js 
september 2017 by GameGamer43
🦋Electron: The Bad Parts – Hacker Noon
Most cross platform programming languages and frameworks contain good and bad parts. Electron probably has more than its share of the good — but also hides some dark secrets under its shining facade.
Electron  HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com 
september 2017 by GameGamer43
A Better Path to Decency: Will tech lead the way?
“When we make it hard to call out bad behavior, the harassed end up making the behavior changes.”
harassment  technology  women_in_tech  Hackernoon 
september 2017 by KuraFire
We’re Drowning in Tech Debt. Why Isn’t Anyone Listening?
We’re Drowning in Tech Debt. Why Isn’t Anyone Listening? We’re struggling with technical debt. We’re going slower. We try to bring it up, but somehow no one seems to pay attention.
hackernoon  technical-debt  programming  management 
september 2017 by veryhappythings
How to Build a Sticky Notes App Using React and Redux
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a simple Sticky Notes app using React, Redux, Selectors, Redux Sagas, a little bit of Node, and Cosmic JS. For the sake of understanding how to consume Restful API’s, this tutorial will show how to make AJAX (XHR) requests to the Cosmic JS API in order to retrieve, add, update, and delete data/media in our Cosmic JS Buckets. Let’s get started.
Redux  React  React.js  ReactJS  javascript  HackerNoon  HackerNoon.com 
september 2017 by GameGamer43

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