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Uber was hacked and hid it
57M user accounts hacked, Uber paid a ransom and didn't disclose the breach
uber  fraud  hack  security  badtech  kalanick 
2 days ago by nelson
Vulnerability in Amazon Key - Schneier on Security
Amazon Key is an IoT door lock that can enable one-time access codes for delivery people. To further secure that system, Amazon sells Cloud Cam, a camera that watches the door to ensure that delivery people don't abuse their one-time access privilege.
Cloud Cam has been hacked:
But now security researchers have demonstrated that with a simple program run from any computer in Wi-Fi range, that camera can be not only disabled but frozen. A viewer watching its live or recorded stream sees only a closed door, even as their actual door is opened and someone slips inside. That attack would potentially enable rogue delivery people to stealthily steal from Amazon customers, or otherwise invade their inner sanctum.
And while the threat of a camera-hacking courier seems an unlikely way for your house to be burgled, the researchers argue it potentially strips away a key safeguard in Amazon's security system.
Amazon is patching the system.
amazon  hack  home_stuff  privacy  security 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Reddit - btc - My analysis of the $1 million+ USD MyBTGWallet.com scam
Search the Internet (or reddit) for mybtgwallet today, and you'll find several results about people losing all of their Bitcoin after inputting their mnemonic phrase into MyBTGWallet.com, a website claiming to be an online web wallet for Bitcoin Gold where users could check their BTG balance and, ostensibly, one day use the website to transact with their Bitcoin Gold.
hack  blockchain 
4 days ago by vrypan
26 Amazon Dash Button Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About — Dash Button Dudes
Whether you're an industry veteran or a hungry brogrammer, one of these
hacks will make your Sundays a lot more interesting.
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4 days ago by nickel715

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