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Bitgrail  hack  exchanges  decentralised  from twitter
2 days ago by roderik
Sprites mods - Hard disk hacking - Intro
All that implies there's some intelligence in an hard disk, and intelligence usually implies hackability. I'm always interested in hackability, so I decided I wanted to look into how hard disks work on the non-mechanical level. Research like this has been done before for various bits of hardware: from PCI extension cards to embedded controllers in laptops to even Apple keyboards. Usually the research has been done in order to prove the hackability of these devices can lead to compromised software, so I decided to take the same approach: for this hack, I wanted to make a hard disk that could bypass software security.
hack  hardware  security 
2 days ago by jchris
Patrick LeMieux: Everything but the Clouds (2017)
"Arcangel's ethics are at odds with his artwork (..)
SuperMario Clouds does not use any programming data from SuperMario Brothers (..)
SuperMario Clouds is less like a ROM hack and more like a homebrew game (..)
Colors in Arcangel's artwork do not appear in the game (..)
Material processes of technology often run counter to the narratives that try to sanitize them"
contradiction  narrative  conceptual  material  cartridge  hack  representation  index  patricklemieux  warhol  magritte  archaeology  medium  nintendo  nds  supermario  clouds  coryarcangel  critique  game 
4 days ago by gohai
434 MHz Balloon B-64 Completes Epic Journey | AMSAT-UK
wow, tiny mylar balloon made it around the earth!
balloons  radio  ham  rf  hack 
5 days ago by ash
Pokemon Yellow Total Control Hack
The game had a glitch allowing arbitrary code execution. He used this to turn the game into a midi player.
programming  hack 
5 days ago by mcherm

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