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ferd/pobox: External buffer processes to protect against mailbox overflow in Erlang
High throughput Erlang applications often get bitten by the fact that Erlang mailboxes are unbounded and will keep accepting messages until the node runs out of memory. In most cases, this problem can be solved by imposing a rate limit on the producers, and it is recommended to explore this idea before looking at this library. When it is impossible to rate-limit the messages coming to a process and that your optimization efforts remain fruitless, you need to start shedding load by dropping messages. PO Box can help by shedding the load for you, and making sure you won't run out of memory.
erlang  highavailability  ha  queue  buffer 
8 hours ago by dlkinney
Consul by HashiCorp
Consul makes it simple for services to register themselves and to discover other services via a DNS or HTTP interface. Register external services such as SaaS providers as well. Includes failure detection, multidatacenter awareness, and kv storage.
configuration  development  devops  infrastructure  hosting  ha  service  discovery 
25 days ago by Tknvbe
MySQL High Availability at GitHub | GitHub Engineering
GitHub uses MySQL as its main datastore for all things non-git, and its availability is critical to GitHub’s operation. The site itself, GitHub’s API, authentication and more, all require database access. We run multiple MySQL clusters serving our different services and tasks. Our clusters use classic master-replicas setup, where a single node in a cluster (the master) is able to accept writes. The rest of the cluster nodes (the replicas) asynchronously replay changes from the master...
mysql  github  highavailability  server  ha  engineering  tech 
26 days ago by xer0x

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