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Shortcut Roulette
phone fires off shortcuts without sense, may ruin your life
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17 hours ago by ignatz
Highly available applications using IBMs Cloud Foundry PaaS — Part 1: The underpinnings
However, now a new component comes into the equation, so lets look at how that affects availability. Our application, spread out across 3 AZ in a region and deployed across 2 regions with a GLB in front has an availability of 99.999975%. Let’s assume the database comes with a 99,95% SLA in one region, then the overall solution total availability becomes
ibm  bluemix  cloud  paas  availability  instance  region  zone  hub  geo  ha  high-availability 
12 days ago by jrsmitchell
The New Punks of Los Angeles - The New York Times
In which the nation's paper of record discovers Latino punks of L.A. in 2018
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15 days ago by ignatz
Разворачиваем Kubernetes HA-кластер на Baremetal с помощью Kubeadm и Keepalived (простое руководство) / Хабр
Эта статья является свободной интерпретацей официального руководства Creating Highly Available Clusters with kubeadm
docker  kubernetes  ha  tutorial 
21 days ago by some_hren

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