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The Polemicist: The Rifle on the Wall: A Left Argument for Gun Rights
The Rifle on the Wall:
A Left Argument for Gun Rights
An essay in seven sections.
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6 weeks ago by richtbreak
Guns & Green Chili — Anthony Bourdain
> The conversation so far has illuminated, instead of any substantial issues, mostly the huge cultural divide between those like me who live in coastal cities with restrictive gun laws—and that vast swath of America who live very differently. We don’t understand how they live. And they don’t understand how we could POSSIBLY live the way we live. A little respect for that difference might be a good thing. The contempt, mockery and total lack of understanding for all those people “out there” by deep thinkers and pundits who’ve never sat down for a cold beer in a bar full of camo-wearing duck hunters is both despicable and counterproductive. We are too busy expressing disbelief at the ways others have chosen to live to ever really talk about the nuts and bolts of making America safer and less violent.
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september 2013 by benspaulding
Bureau of Justice Statistics: Gun Homicides Down by 39 Percent - Katie Pavlich
RT : Gun ownership in the US is at a 20-year high. Gun homicides over the same period? Way, way down.
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may 2013 by irb
New York Boycott - An NC Gun Blog
It's time to get Smith and Wesson, Glock, and SIG on board the N.Y.boycott.
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february 2013 by irb
NRA-ILA | more guns less crime 2013
RT : Gun Ownership at All-Time High, Nation’s Murder Rate at Nearly All-Time Low
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february 2013 by irb

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