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Pintura y barniz para guitarras | NitorlackPintura y barniz para guitarras | Nitorlack
Barniz para guitarras. Nitrocelulosa, poliuretano y laca al agua para tu guitarra.Colores Fender,Gibson y RAL.Spray o Lata. La tienda de los profesionales.
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4 days ago by victorfuertes
Classical Guitar Historian, Music Publisher (and Controversial Gadfly) Matanya Ophee is Dead; Remembered by Colleagues – Classical Guitar
Few guitar personalities have so many identities as Matanya Ophee: publisher, musicologist, researcher, arranger, performer, ex-airline pilot (used as a term of disparagement by certain of his critics), a stimulating and controversial writer. A man who can be both enlightening and infuriating, sometimes at the same time, he is one of those strongly-etched personalities without whose pres­ence the guitar world would be greatly impover­ished: generally benign but sometimes prickly, always ready to inform, a polemicist, quick to argue, and tireless in the pursuit of self-appointed goals which may or may not appeal to the general guitar public—and certainly public indifference has no effect on his energetic promotion.
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4 days ago by mandoisland
Rhythm is King
Malcolm Young’s Rock-Solid Riffage
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4 days ago by mirthe
LOVE IN VAIN CHORDS by Robert Johnson @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
You'll need the tab or a good ear to get the finger picking for this song. This is a just a cheat sheet for when you know the changes.
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4 days ago by rafi

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