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Interview with Chris Martin from Martin Guitar Co. - YouTube
Chris Martin, the son... parents divorced age 3, marine biologist, community college.
Bob Taylor is a guitar builder... I'm dangerous with the tools..
1880's CF Martin Senior (German) a cabinet maker like his father.
6th generation family

Dreadnought, x-bracing goes back but not trademarked/patented

The tonewood question. Tone woods ('exotic timbers') go back 200 years. Rosewood (back and sides), mahogany (neck), ebony (fingerboard/bridge), spruce (top).
Future: HPL, Stratabond, Richlite
And other woods (sapele)
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Review: Martin DX1AE Macassar Burst Acoustic-Electric Guitar | Guitarworld
"The DX1AE Macassar Burst is a stellar example of just how far Martin’s efforts with guitars built from alternative materials have come, both sonically and aesthetically."
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Low end Taylor Vs low end Martin - Ultimate Guitar
I believe the Taylor to be a better buy of the two due to the fact that the X series of Martins uses a pressed, man made wood substitute called HPL, or High Pressure Laminate. There's wood in it, but it's not solid. The outer visible surface is a very thin veneer overlay and is for appearance only. The Taylor uses a laminate as well, but isn't the same as the HPL of Martin. Actual sheets of wood are laminated for strength and appearance, similar to plywood, but very thin.
The plus side of these laminates is that they hold their shape extremely well. They are more resistant to changes due to weather conditions. The down side is that they are laminates, and tend to sound the same year after year, while solid woods grow in tune with the guitar's age, becoming fuller as time goes on.
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Better than wood? RICHLITE Fretboards. Summer NAMM 2017 - YouTube
Paper composite panel (1943) pressed sheets of recycled paper
Same density as ebony
Jet black ebony is much harder to get noawadays)
Replacement for ebony, now used as a fingerboard replacement
Good characteristics:
- more stable
- 100% yield
- consistent black colour
- no shrinkage

Martin 8 years, Gibson 5 years
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Hand Jive! Master the Fundamentals of Lap Steel | Premier Guitar
In our never-ending quest to become better players, it sometimes makes sense to put down the guitar and pick up another instrument. I’m not talking about detouring into the world of oboe or harpsichord—got a decade or two to spare?—but rather exploring guitar’s close cousin, the lap steel.
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The Yardbirds: The Eric Clapton Years Part 4 - Goldmine Magazine
Clapton leaves
The year’s-end release of Five Live Yardbirds had coincided with The Yardbirds’ most prestigious outing yet. Earlier in 1964, the group toured as support to Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas, one of the other Liverpudlian lights in Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s NEMS stable.
Epstein caught several of the shows and pronounced himself utterly bowled over by the opening act — so much so that, as he set about organising The Beatles’ Christmas concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon, he personally invited the Yardbirds onto the bill.
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