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What is the proper humidity range for an acoustic guitar? - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange
What is the range of relative humidity, in percentage, that is optimal for storing a guitar, cello, violin or the like in its case? I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, which is a humid environment year-round. In this climate, musicians never worry about their guitars, cellos, violins and the like experiencing damage from the wood becoming too dry, not even in winter. So I have never encountered this situation before.
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yesterday by danesparza
The Danish National Sheet Music Archive
Over 4000 manuscripts and printed scores from the Music and Theatre collection of the Danish Royal Library, available in PDF. Features of the collection include pre-19th century works, scores by Danish composers, items from the Giedde Collection of 18th-century flute music and the Rischel and Birket-Smith Collection of 19th-century guitar music, and scores from the Carl Nielsen Edition.

Maintained by: The Royal Library, Copenhagen
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2 days ago by HarvardMusicLib
How to Read Guitar Tab
Short guide to most comman guitar playing techniques. Overview of rhythm notation symbols used in tablatures
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3 days ago by beery

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