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Weekend Woodshed: How to Build a Mental Map of the Fretboard | Reverb
Once you know where any given note is, you can instantly jump there to build a scale or chord using it as the root.

How would you know that there are dozens of other G major chord shapes outside of the cowboy chord down at the third fret if you don’t know where the other “Gs” are on the fretboard?

...You can’t think about where all notes are all the time. The goal is that it’s second nature.

This takes repetition and intentional practice, but the upside is that once it’s locked in, the notes aren’t going anywhere. The fretboard will be the same in 25 years. It’s an investment of time with never–ending return.

Let’s call that investment 12 weeks. Here’s how to do it:
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2 days ago by zheard
Long Black Veil Chords - Lefty Frizzell - Cowboy Lyrics
Lefty Frizzell - Long Black Veil Chords, Tabs, Tablatures for Guitar. + Lefty Frizzell song lyrics . ringtone . MP3
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5 days ago by llimllib
This is Why You Suck at Guitar, lesson 1: Your picking sucks - YouTube
Your elbow is a paintbrush, your wrist is a pencil
Arm position:
- floating (arm not touching face of guitar), for strumming with elbow (paintbrush)
- resting (wrist on pins/saddle of guitar), elbow doesn't move at all (pencil)
5 days ago by jojobong

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