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Filling Nail Holes The Ultimate Reference Guide
Filling Nail Holes – The Ultimate Reference Guide
Filling  Nail  Holes    The  Ultimate  Reference  Guide 
13 hours ago by kilroy2
Mastering ActiveRecord and Arel
Excellent guide to Arel & ActiveRecord. Wish it was not in presentation form, though.
ruby  rails  guide  presentation  slides  programming  development  database 
yesterday by Mr0grog
Classes of depreciable property -
These are the kinds of things that depreciate that you need to write off over time (and not entirely within a year) for your taxes.

For quick reference: as of 2017 tax year (2018 filing year) computers were in class 10 (30%) and software in class 12 (100%)
government  canada  cra  documentation  guide  reference  sole  proprietorship  capital  cost  allowances  cca  classes  category  depreciation  toread  tolearn 
yesterday by racl101

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