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The official guidance on data protection if there’s no #Brexit deal - GOV.UK
How the collection and use of personal data would change if the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 with no deal.
brexit  dataprotection  government  datatransfer  UK  EU  guidance 
7 days ago by corrickwales
The Real Tenancy Test | NDTi
'The Real Tenancy Test' has been written to help people providing housing and support services for people with learning disabilities. It was originally written in 2010 and has recently been updated.

It is a simple test, based on a small number of questions, to help review whether services called supported living are really giving people their housing rights and helping them to live how they want to. It describes important things to consider when planning housing and tenancies for people, including when to use different types of tenancies and how to handle issues of capacity.
housingRelatedSupport  learningDisabilities  work  NDTI  guidance  tool 
8 weeks ago by grthwll
Impact of Changing Scientific Recommendations on Nutrition Policies | RAPS
Impact of Changing Scientific Recommendations on Nutrition Policies

Posted 17 July 2018 | By Barbara O. Schneeman, PhD
Impact of Changing Scientific Recommendations on Nutrition Policies
This article reviews the evolution of nutrition recommendations and how they are reflected in current policy decisions. A special focus is placed on fat and carbohydrate recommendations and their associated risks for non-communicable diseases.
diet  guidance  carbohydrate  fat  low-carb 
9 weeks ago by spencertree
Care Act statutory guidance
As published and updated on the Government website.
work  adultCommissioning  socialCare  careAct  guidance 
10 weeks ago by grthwll
Data Breach Reporting webinar | ICO | 12pm 19 July
On Thursday 19 July, we will be hosting a webinar on Data Breach Reporting. It’s aimed at Data Controllers and will give advice and guidance on how and when to report security breaches to the ICO

We will also share our experience of the first few weeks of breach reporting under the GDPR, and respond to some frequently asked questions.
databreach  GDPR  ICO  guidance 
10 weeks ago by corrickwales
Clean Architecture
A starting point for Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core. Clean Architecture is just the latest in a series of names for the same loosely-coupled, dependency-inverted architecture. You will also find it named hexagonal, ports-and-adapters, or onion architecture.
ddd  architecture  guidance  goodpractice  dotnet  core 
12 weeks ago by dvernau
RT : Anyone on able to offer some & to my great friends anyone who know…
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june 2018 by jennifermjones
Digital Service Standard
The Digital Service Standard is a set of 18 criteria to help government create and run good digital services.
web  security  standards  digital  services  gov  guidance 
june 2018 by dvernau
ICO Consultation: Children and the GDPR guidance
Children need particular protection when you are collecting and processing their personal data because they may be less aware of the risks involved.
children  guidance  ICO  GDPR 
june 2018 by corrickwales

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