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Ireland's Data Protection Commission publishes information on the use of Dash Cams
Where both video and/or audio of individuals in a vehicle (typically a taxi or bus) is recorded, or where video of a road user captured by an outward-facing Dash Cam is recorded, data protection implications may arise and it is important that drivers who install Dash Cams understand their obligations under data protection legislation.
Ireland  DPC  dashcams  dataprotection  transport  video  GDPR  guidance 
yesterday by corrickwales
A Performance Question
My hard earned definition of performance management: a well-defined workflow that either leads to an employee’s improved performance or their departure.

The moment you say or think “performance management,” you leave regular management and the rules of engagement change. The natural way you interact and communicate with this individual become structured and unnatural.
performance  management  rands  advice  guidance 
12 days ago by markgould13
Semi-Structured Interviews | Design Research Techniques
This looks spot-on; very helpful as well as being clear and concise. It even has, at the bottom a set of sample questions and ideas to help probe into the detail, which can be non-verbal or suitable follow-up questions.
research  dissertation  interview  semi-structured  guidance 
15 days ago by spencertree
Twenty things I wish I’d known when I started my PhD
Recent PhD graduate Lucy A. Taylor shares the advice she and her colleagues wish they had received.
phd  guidance  deep-learning  article 
23 days ago by nharbour
Effective use of email - University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool: Guidance on effective use of email

These guidelines will help you make efficient and effective use of email. Follow the advice and you will be able to develop good practice for handling email and avoid many potential pitfalls.
email  communication  guidance 
5 weeks ago by spencertree
The French #DPA @CNIL list of personal data processing activities that always require a #DPIA via @finck_m
Délibération n° 2018-327 du 11 octobre 2018 portant adoption de la liste des types d'opérations de traitement pour lesquelles une analyse d'impact relative à la protection des données est requise | Legifrance
DPIA  CNIL  dataprotection  GDPR  guidance 
5 weeks ago by corrickwales
Compact City Policies - A Comparative Assessment, OECD - recommendations
This book examines the concept of the compact city and the implication of the current urban context for compact city policies. It explores their potential outcomes, particularly in terms of how it can contribute to Green Growth and looks at developing indicators to monitor compact city and track policy performance. It reviews compact city policies currently being implemented across the OECD in relation to the pursuit of Green Growth objectives and provides ideas to achieve better outcomes. And it assesses the key governance challenges faced by decision-makers as they seek to implement practical compact city strategies. This report is thus intended as “food for thought” for national, sub-national and municipal governments as they seek to address their economic and environmental challenges through the development and implementation of spatial strategies in pursuit of Green Growth objectives. It also illustrates best practices (which present key elements of successful compact city policies) based on empirical evidence that can be shared across OECD member countries.
cities  compact  green-growth  p33507  OECD  guidance 
9 weeks ago by spencertree
The official guidance on data protection if there’s no #Brexit deal - GOV.UK
How the collection and use of personal data would change if the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 with no deal.
brexit  dataprotection  government  datatransfer  UK  EU  guidance 
12 weeks ago by corrickwales

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