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Desire Was Everywhere
From Fromanger, for example, he learned that the blank canvas is not white, but rather ‘black with everything every painter has painted before me’ – an idea he would explore in his book on Francis Bacon, The Logic of Sensation.
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‘The Function of Autonomy’: Félix Guattari and New Revolutionary Prospects | Salvage
Félix Guattari is widely discussed among philosophers, particularly feminists and specialists in ecology and technology. But in the Anglophone world, political organisers tend to ignore him. In part this is due to academic paywalls and university strictures confining his work, but the problem goes further: the stylistic conservatism of so much of the Anglo-American left has impeded the capacity to learn from his insights, because they are presented in an nontraditional and unfamiliar style. This resistance has obscured his continuing activity as a participant and organiser in a variety of international struggles.
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Mapping the Wander Lines: The Quiet Revelations of Fernand Deligny - Los Angeles Review of Books
They developed visual systems for designating the various sounds and gestures encountered along their pathways, and started to use transparent wax paper to trace the children’s daily routes. No attempt was made to interfere with their movements, or to explain or interpret them. The focus remained on the process of tracing itself. Yet distinct patterns began to emerge: certain trajectories tended to be repeated from one day to the next, and Deligny noted that some of the wandering lines seem to correspond to the conduits of underground waterways.
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"The Rhizome" - an American Translation | The Mantle
Translated from Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari A Thousand Plateaus, trans. Brian Massumi, 3-25.
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RT : "the unconscious is not given in advance; it is something that needs to be actively produced."

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symb(i/o)tika explained

Tuesday, 2 December 2014
Fabulation in the Anthropocene
"We have lost what it means to be an architect; we have lost this notion. It does not mean constructing a building. Many people construct buildings, but are they necessarily architects? No! So why are we architects? To define a political-aesthetic condition of construction where we produce something in order to destabilise that habits of a situation. I don't think there is anything else for us, because if we take the job of an architect, it is not for the beauty of the building alone, or for the arrogance of the discourse, or to become that master of ceremonies which so many young egos want to become today, but to question the condition of production and the context of practice."

Roche, F.(2014) Matters of Fabulation: On the Construction of Realities in the Anthropocene. In Architecture in the Anthropocene ed. Ettien Turpin. p. 197
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Guattari's Ecosophical Logic
"Unlike Hegelian and Marxist Dialectics, eco-logic no longer imposes a 'resolution' of opposites. In the domain of social ecology there will be times of struggle in which everyone will feel impelled to decide on common objectives and to act 'like little soldiers', by which I mean good activists. But there will simultaneously be periods in which individual and collective subjectivities will pull out without a thought for collective aims, and in which creative expression as such will take precedence. This new ecosophical logic -- and I want to emphasise this point -- resembles the manner in which an artist may be led to alter his work after the intrusion of some accidental detail, an event-incident that suddenly makes his initial project bifurcate. making a drift [deriver] far from its previous path, however certain it had once appeared to. There is a proverb 'the exception proves the rule/, but the exception can just as easily deflect the rule, or even recreate it."

Guattari, F (2000) Three Ecologies. Coninuum: London. p. 34
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