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Who is the best Oscar winning lead actor of all time?
Stewart? Poitier? Scofield? De Niro? Day-Lewis?..Robert DeNero Not since Brando had a performance unleashed such lethal, unapologetic, muscular power — and Brando was the figure De Niro was evoking with his cheesy nightclub act in the film’s final stages. Toxic masculinity was glowing in Robert De Niro’s performance like nuclear waste; it was a thrilling portrayal of someone whose talent for boxing was purely instinctive, and who, when that deserted him, was stuck with his aggression, fear and self-hate. De Niro had superb support from Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci and Frank Vincent — but this was his moment of greatness in American cinema.
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Ian Aitken obituary | Politics | The Guardian
Political editor of the Guardian in the 1970s and 80s who covered the fall of Ted Heath and the rise of Margaret Thatcher
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