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Rhythm App
a simple daily notebook, calendar, and task list
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yesterday by jppferguson
Productivity Guild
It’s not about what you should do. It’s about what you are doing.
It’s not about what you should do. It’s about what you are doing.
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5 days ago by michaelfox
Fogknife : How I use OmniFocus, ten years on (15 minute read)
Organize time via deferrals. When I want to mark a task or project as a candidate for my attention on a certain day, I mark it as deferred until (and not due on) that day. Because I set OmniFocus to include deferred items in my Forecast tab (via its checkbox at Perspectives → Show Perspectives → Forecast), I can see with a click everything that my recent-past self thought I could get done today.

My thinking here tends towards the short-term: at the start of my work-day, if that list looks short, I’ll often browse my projects to “defer” some tasks to today. I’ll also do this for new tasks important enough to deserve my more-immediate attention. If the end of the day approaches and I have some leftovers, I’ll defer them to tomorrow. (Items have a handy “+1 day” button under the Defer Until field in the detail-pane, and I hit that button a lot with no shame. Three times apiece, on Fridays.)

Of course, I also defer tasks that I know lie in my future, but, for one reason or another, I can’t focus on yet: for example, writing a wrap-up report for a project that doesn’t wrap up for another month. I’ll define as many of the project’s subtasks as I can, stamp the whole thing as deferred for four weeks, and then happily forget about it, secure in knowing that OmniFocus will float it back into my sight-line just in time.

I also made myself a custom “Deferrals” perspective-tab which lists only deferred items, ordered by their defer-dates relative to today; OmniFocus intelligently and pleasantly groups these into today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and finally a fuzzy three-months-out blob. This view omits due-dates and calendar appointments and other stuff I can’t actually do anything about, giving me a nice summary of my likely future actions into time-chunks that grow appropriately coarser with greater distance from the present’s certainties.

This perspective will also show tasks whose deferral-dates have slipped into the past — something that happens to me frequently. This doesn’t mean failure, or even anything overdue; it just means that I expected to work on something during a certain day, and it happens that I didn’t. In this case, I feel no regret in just kicking ahead its deferral-date as needed.
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6 days ago by 4and20blackbirds
gtd no hay problemas solo hay proyectos
Deja de preocuparte por todo lo que no puedes hacer, y céntrate en hacer lo que tienes que hacer y ya puedes hacer

Como sabiamente afirma un proverbio chino: «Si un problema no tiene solución, ¿para qué preocuparse? y, si la tiene, ¿para qué preocuparse?».

Preocuparse no cambia nada, hacer algo al respecto, sí las cambia.

Si algo no tiene solución, olvídalo y, si la tiene, defínela e identifica un primer paso físico y visible para lograrla.
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8 days ago by pacoalcaide

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