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Breaking Down Problems Is the #1 Software Developer Skill — Nick Janetakis
Learn the most important software developer skill there is, and that is how to break down problems into smaller problems.
9 hours ago by aghecht
The 10 Best GTD® Apps in 2018
How you organize your to-do list can make you more productive. You don't want to see your household shopping list while in the thick of office work, and you don't want to be reminded of an important presentation while you're grocery shopping on your day off. Working on the right tasks at the right time is a central tenet of the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology, which is designed with productivity in mind. If you follow GTD or are thinking of adopting it, you need an app built to work with this unique system. While there are hundreds of to-do apps you could use, we tested more than 30 options to find the 10 best apps for GTD. These apps help you follow GTD and get more done.
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