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No Time to Read This? Read This
"…I asked a half-dozen executive coaches to help me pick the most widely used time-management systems—not just software tools or high-tech to-do lists, but behavioral-change techniques that help people get organized, clarify thinking and increase output. Then, I tried out for a week each of the three methods they mentioned most often—including one that involved a ticking plastic tomato."
advice  GTD  workflow  worklife  productivity 
10 hours ago by Cervus
Things 3 Keyboard shortcuts
The keyboard shortcuts for Things 3 with a handy visual chart.
3 days ago by kenlim
Todolist: The perfect command-line task management app. Fast, simple, GTD.

A very fast, simple task manager for the command line, based upon GTD.
productivity  gtd 
3 days ago by dusko
Thorough Guide to the Bullet Journal System — Tiny Ray of Sunshine
Hello there! In this article I will go a bit deeper into how the Bullet Journal system works and walk you through how to get started.
Archive  bullet  journal  gtd 
5 days ago by dvand5
How to Implement a Killer GTD System in Google Sheets
Un système pour faire les choses qu'on doit (ou essayer de les faire)...
organization  gtd  howto  tutoriel  bonnes.pratiques  todo 
7 days ago by fschoubben

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