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Nick Breckon's GTA5 Troll Clone Nightmare
Nick Breckon has a strange day in Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer.
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19 days ago by spaceninja
Two security guards shot to death at hotel-casino in Las Vegas; suspect in critical condition - LA Times
McGrath said the man tried to carjack a person in their car, but the individual closed the door on him. Then he tried to break into another car before running up to a house and confronting a woman with four children, McGrath said.

The homicide detective said the woman was able to fend off the man as he kicked the door. McGrath said the suspect then ran to the garage, entered the laundry area and shot himself in the head.
7 weeks ago by craniac
GTA: "Max Clifford made it all happen" •
Rachel Weber:
<p>David Jones and Mike Dailly, the creators of the original Grand Theft Auto, have revealed just how pivotal PR guru Max Clifford was to the game's success.

"Max Clifford made it all happen," Dailly told The Sunday Times.

"He designed all the outcry, which pretty much guaranteed MPs would get involved... He'd do anything to keep the profile high."

The game was developed by DMA Design and published by BMG Interactive, who hired the controversial media manager. According to Jones, his provocative plan included planted stories and knowing which politicians and papers could provide the game with free press fuelled by outrage.

"He told us how he would play it, who he would target, what those people targeted would say." Jones adds, "every word he said came true".</p>

Outrage and attention: the two key drivers. The world is full of Cliffords now. Yes, in both senses. (He was imprisoned for sexual assault, and died in prison last weekend.)
propaganda  outrage  attention  gta 
9 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Don't tell anyone, but 7 is going to be set in Washington, and based on…
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10 weeks ago by userX
Globe editorial: A little transit miracle grows on King Street - The Globe and Mail
'Make no little plans," goes architect Daniel Burnman's oft quoted line. "They have no magic to stir men's blood."

A three-kilometre stretch of King Street, which runs through the heart of downtown and is home to the busiest streetcar route in the city, has been redesigned to give public transit priority. For decades, streetcars have been slowed to a walking pace at rush hour, held up by a crush of cars. As of a week ago, however, cars are being severely restricted on King, and must turn right off of the newly transit-centric street at every intersection. Under the one-year pilot project, only streetcars can use the downtown stretch of King as a thoroughfare.

The aim is to greatly speed up the King streetcar, which carries 65,000 passengers a day. That's more people than any above-ground transit route in the city, roughly as many as the 500 buses of the provincial GO Transit's entire suburban bus system, and more than the Toronto Transit Commission's Sheppard subway. (The Sheppard line was one of those Big Plans that never made sense based on ridership or economics, but which got built anyhow because it had the magic to stir the blood of well-connected politicians.)

The cost of this big change on one of the busiest transit routes in the city? Small. Instead of being measured in billions of dollars and decades of construction, it involved the exorbitant expense of trucking in a few concrete barriers, changing a handful of road signs and buying some yellow paint. Construction period? Counted in days. This in a city used to endlessly debating big, transformative transit solutions that, if they could get funded, would arrive around the time one of Jagmeet Singh's grandchildren is elected prime minister.

For example, look at the so-called Downtown Relief Line. It's a badly needed subway expansion that has been under consideration for more than half a century. Politicians, who have repeatedly shelved the DRL because it will do a better job of serving passengers than voters, have recently rediscovered it, and feasibility studies are once again moving forward. But even under the most optimistic timetable – and assuming Toronto, Queen's Park and Ottawa find the money to pay for it – it's still at least a decade and a half away from completion.

Meanwhile, between a Friday night and a Monday morning, King Street was transformed from a run-of-the-mill road into the country's newest public transit thru-way.

But beyond King Street, politicians and promoters continue searching for the biggest of big transit ideas for the GTA. For example, the provincial Liberals continue to push ahead with planning a $21-billion (before cost overruns) high-speed rail line between Toronto and Windsor. And the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, the quango that runs Pearson International Airport, is pushing the idea of making itself the region's second public-transit hub, a move it estimates will cost $11.2-billion. The concept, however questionable its value to most GTA commuters, aims to excite the new Canada Infrastructure Bank, while pleasing 905-region voters and the politicians who woo them.

The challenge is that much of the GTA is too low density to support high-intensity public transit. The two big exceptions are routes running from the periphery to the compact employment area of downtown Toronto, and transit within the central parts of Toronto, which are dense enough to allow many people to live car-free.
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november 2017 by jerryking
New post (2017 lamborghini centenario! V by ARF the gamer) has been published on Best Images Collections ... -…
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october 2017 by wotek
The Fastest-Growing Industries Over The Last Year
Accounting in the top 20 fastest growing business in 2014
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october 2017 by tonybrucela

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