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The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You – Personal Growth – Medium
Before dying at the age of 39, Blaise Pascal made huge contributions to both physics and mathematics, notably in fluids, geometry, and probability. This work, however, would influence more than just…
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Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives
How to fine-tune the internal monologue that scores every aspect of our lives, from leadership to love.
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RT : Sujan Patel: Hard-Won Secrets From Hacking’s King
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Assume Your Top Partners Compete With You By Year 4
"This is part of life in SaaS. Not only does competition grow as folks take notice of your progress — especially after about 4-5 years, once you get big enough even the top execs at BigCos can see it — but it often starts with your partners. It’s natural. The ones that see the biggest synergies are also the ones that see the easier path to directly expanding into your space. We touched on this a bit back in the early days of SaaStr here."
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4 days ago by jonerp
The Idea Trap – Econlib
If we look around the world, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that bad performance is not self-correcting. One of the most important facts about economic growth is that, on average, poor countries do not catch up to rich countries.1 The main reason seems to be that poor countries consistently have bad policies.2 Many of these countries are democracies. But they almost never elect a candidate on the theme “We need to copy the policies of more successful countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, and turn our backs on our failed national political tradition.”

Thus, the least pleasant places in the world to live normally have three features in common: First, low economic growth; second, policies that discourage growth; and third, resistance to the idea that other policies would be better. I have a theory to explain this curious combination.3 Imagine that the three variables I just named—growth, policy, and ideas—capture the essence of a country’s economic/political situation. Then suppose that three “laws of motion” govern this system. The first two are almost true by definition:

1. Good ideas cause good policies.
2. Good policies cause good growth.
The third law is much less intuitive:

3. Good growth causes good ideas.

The third law only dawned on me when I was studying the public’s beliefs about economics,4 and noticed that income growth seems to increase economic literacy, even though income level does not. In other words, poor people whose income is rising—like recent immigrants—have more than the average amount of economic sense; rich people whose income is falling—like the Kennedy family—have less.

This bare-bones model has a surprising implication: There is more than one outcome with staying power.5 The good news is that you can have favorable results across the board. Good ideas lead to good policy, good policy leads to good growth, and good growth reinforces good ideas. The bad news is that you can also get mired in the opposite outcome. A society can get stuck in an “idea trap,” where bad ideas lead to bad policy, bad policy leads to bad growth, and bad growth cements bad ideas.
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4 days ago by gimber
Pinterest Is a Unicorn. It Just Doesn’t Act Like One.
”Mr. Silbermann said, “In technology, people are very, very fast to declare something a winner or loser, like, ‘That’ll never work,’ or ‘That’ll take over the world.’ The truth is always somewhere in between.””
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7 days ago by perttutolvanen
How Important is Growth?
Scott Young distinguishes between habits that are aiming for maintenance versus growth. Are you an athlete? Than progressive goals (lifting heavier, running faster) probably make sense. But if your aim is to maintain health and energy so you can focus on other things, aim for consistency instead of progression.
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8 days ago by dehowell
Ilmastonmuutos on kaikkien aikojen suurin markkinahäiriö – Euro ja talous
Ei, emme ylitä. Ilmastonmuutos on suurin markkinahäiriö, joka maailmassa on koskaan nähty. Tämä johtuu siitä, että ilmastonmuutos on talouteen kohdistuva ulkoisvaikutus, mikä tarkoittaa puolestaan sitä, etteivät päästöjen aiheuttajat korvaa kaikkia aiheuttamiaan haittoja. Näin kiteytettiin ilmastonmuutokseen liittyvä perimmäinen ongelmaa vuonna 2006 ilmestyneessä Sternin raportissa.
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