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Workstream Policy — WHATWG
If this Workstream Policy conflicts with the Intellectual Property Rights Policy, the Intellectual Property Rights Policy controls. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  group  policy  standards  working 
7 days ago by ChristopherA
icinga2/icinga2web create a hostgroup - Server Fault
icinga2 object list
# this will show all objects from your configs

icinga2 object list --type=host
# this will show all Host objects from your configs

icinga2 object list --type=host
# this will show host how Icinga2 understood you
icinga  host  group  configuration 
10 days ago by exnihilo
The 5 Best Google+ Alternatives to Use Instead
Excellent list of 5 #google+ #alternatives and concise descriptions of each
google+  alternative  2019  Q1  community  private  comparison  list  collaboration  group  social  media  platform  shutdown 
16 days ago by csrollyson
An introduction to customer research (a 3,000-word guide) – Econsultancy
Solid #customer #user research how-to guide includes using #ethnographic #research with trad quantitative & qualitative research #CX
customer  user  experience  research  guide  2017  lean  guerrilla  ethnography  survey  focus  group  howto  website  tools  qualitative  quantitative  CRM  csrblogcomment  csr19 
17 days ago by csrollyson
Using Social Listening for Integrated Insights - ClickZ
Kudos: 4-step customer/user #research process precedes qualitative interviews/focus groups with rigorous #social listening #CX #ethnographic
social  media  research  2015  asia  marketing  advertising  strategy  survey  focus  group  howto  analysis  bullsi  reference  csr19  csrblogcomment 
17 days ago by csrollyson
Dynamically banned passwords in Azure AD | Microsoft Docs
Piss off red teams that password spray by setting up some tripwires. such as <season>2019
azure  AD  password  security  custom  complexity  ban  list  group  policy 
18 days ago by asteroza

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