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7 SQL Server Management Studio Tips to Ease Your Work
In this article we address the importance of SQL Server Management Studio, revealing its key functionalities, which can help in boosting your performance while working with SMSS in SQL Server.
SQL  Server  Management  Studio  SMSS  Registered  Servers  Keyboard  Shortcuts  Vertical  Tab  Group  Display  Line  Numbers  GO  X  recover 
4 days ago by DataNumen
How to Quickly Create a Macro Group in MS Access
In this article, we attempt at creating a Macro Group in MS Access instead of creating several standalone macros.
Macro  Group  MS  Access  macroname  Builder  corrupted  mdb 
6 days ago by DataNumen
How to Assign and Change Default Permissions in MS Access
This article addresses an effective method using which users can learn to Assign Default Permissions and Change Them in MS Access.
Permission  Assign  Default  Permissions  MS  Access  User  and  Group  corrupted 
8 days ago by DataNumen
Magento 2 Shipping and payment method per customer group
Magento 2 Shipping and payment method per customer group extension allows setting up shipping and payment methods for each customer group
restrict  method  payment  group  customer  magento2  shipping 
15 days ago by arioch1984

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