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Cross-border blockchain banking takes a big step forwards, with dangers
"Then there is IBM. As ET speculated not long ago, IBM becomes the blockchain monster. The participating banks depend on IBM for development and enhancement. They become beholden to what IBM decides, of course in consultation with its clients. Remember SWIFT. This is a member-institution that more often than not tells its members what it wants and not vice versa. Or Visa: it was once a bank member-owned ‘co-operative’. Now it is its own master."
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What About Them Apples? - by @lcecere #scm
"While many argue that the definitions of the time horizons change with concurrent planning, I say not so fast. I think that within a global organization there is a need for a design group, an S&OP plan, and a replenishment process. Define the boundaries of the time horizons by work process definitions, not technology capabilities. Planning at companies varies by governance and cultural DNA."
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