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Neurial Grotesk - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts
Neurial Grotesk is a family of sans serif fonts designed in the neo-grotesk style. As a typeface, Neurial Grotesk was developed to offer maximum flexibility. The proportions of its letterforms are balanced; these are paired...
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january 2019 by acrookston
Space Grotesk font by Florian Karsten
Space Grotesk is released under SIL Open Font License, as modified version of Space Mono (2016, Colophon Foundry & Google Fonts).
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september 2018 by kOoLiNuS
basier | atipo foundry
atipo foundry - an independent digital typeface foundry and graphic design studio
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june 2018 by ldawoodjee
London’s fatberg on show: ‘We thought of pickling it’ | Culture | The Guardian
TV crews were dispatched from Moscow and Montreal and Madrid to stand above manhole covers along Whitechapel Road and hold their noses while Thames Water flushers in white protective suits used high-powered jet hoses and picks and shovels and vacuum pipes to break the fatberg up and then remove it in tankers at the rate of 20 to 30 tonnes per day. Ninety three per cent of its complex structure was said to consist of the element “wet wipe”.

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february 2018 by whip_lash

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