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The Best Beard Trimmers for Men in 2019 | GQ
A good beard trimmer has to be, above all else, easy to use. And relatively quick to clean. And it has to be sharp. Okay, so there are a lot of boxes to check. But which one do you get? Don't worry, GQ's Best Stuff has you covered.
Growing and maintaining a beard is a lot like managing the hair atop your head. It needs sculpting, trimming, and nourishing to stay healthy and stylish. (Yes, there is such a thing as beard styling.) The most important purchase you can make, then, is a good trimmer, for snipping strays, maintaining a consistent length, detailing the perimeter, and nixing the neckline. The best beard trimmers will round every beard-care base and keep you from looking prehistoric.
Here are our favorites. No two are identical though, because no two guys have the same needs. Some of these trimmers can do it all—though they may be more expensive for guys on a budget. Other trimmers on the list specialize in the finer things, like maintaining perfect stubble—or the daily removal of that stubble. (Yes, we’ve included some electric shavers on this list as well, since a lack of a beard is an intentional beard style—just like being bald is a hair style in and of itself).
If you’re serious about your scruff, you should own more than one. That’s because some specialize in detailing or are especially travel friendly, while others are better for your at-home, routine maintenance. The good news is that it’s a worthwhile investment if you want it to be, since the expensive ones offer warranties and the cheap ones can be replaced with little remorse. And in both cases, there is no compromise to your facial flair.
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The Best Beard Trimmer: Reviews by Wirecutter
Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000
Cheap but effective
Surprisingly powerful and versatile for the price, but not as strong as our pick, and not likely to last as long, either.
$20 from Amazon
$20 from Walmart
After more than four years of work on this guide, we’re a bit wary of cheap beard trimmers, having found them to be unreliable in the long run. But if a low price is your highest priority, we like the power and versatility of the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 MG3750, one of the most popular, well-reviewed trimmers on Amazon. The drawbacks: It has a stamped steel blade, which isn’t as strong, durable, or sharp as the ground blades of our other picks. It doesn’t feel as nice as our pick’s steel body, and it shares the same issues with battery life and other electronics problems as all cordless trimmers. But on cutting performance, the MG3750 was the best under-$35 trimmer we tested, and compared to others in its price range, it removed the most hairs per pass without pulling any in the process. While we didn’t put a big emphasis on accessories, the seven rigid guide combs are a touch nicer and more versatile here than on our Wahl picks. There’s only a two-year warranty (our pick’s is five), and customer support seems less responsive to complaints here than on the Wahl.
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Fuzzy - by yeaka
Jim’s gaze sweeps over Spock, exactly the same as Jim left him several weeks ago on what should’ve been a simple survey mission. Spock’s still in full uniform, his black pants and blue tunic a little wrinkled—nowhere near as bad as anyone else would be. His hair still falls in its usual perfect cut, though it’s grown a little longer, too far down his pointed brows. The biggest difference is the shallow, dark beard growing all along his chin and throat, up around his mouth. Jim’s never seen his first officer with more than the slightest bit of stubble.

He doesn’t stop until he’s so close that Spock’s knees are forced apart. Jim stands right between them, legs brushing the edge of the bed. Jim lifts his hands to Spock’s face, gently thumbs his cheek, and goes in for a kiss.

Spock’s breath is awful. That’s to be expected. Jim loves him anyway. Jim pulls back to murmur, “Welcome home, Commander.”

“Captain,” Spock returns, level and easy, as though he hasn’t been out long enough to grow fur coarse enough to make a Tellarite blush. Jim can’t help raking his fingers through it—it’s just so very different.
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