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Tänker att om det är någons titel man bör korrekturläsa en extra gång så är det :s.
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july 2017 by moonhouse
By night, by the plane window, on my way to vienna, I saw figures.
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february 2017 by rellan
The Ghost Attacks - Del_Rion - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Someone is attacking Tony Stark’s enemies and while all clues point to Iron Man’s involvement, Tony swears he has nothing to do with it – or his suits, or his AI. While S.H.I.E.L.D. investigates his activities the attacks continue and Tony’s forced to face the fact that either he is involved or someone’s stolen his tech and is using it to frame him.
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july 2014 by ratcreature
@SvalornaIB så klart inte #Svalorna och missas. Däremot verkar inte taggen #GRN fung som tagg för #globalrättvisanu
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april 2014 by kentlundgren
Lund | Global Rättvisa Nu!
så klart inte och missas. Däremot verkar inte taggen fung som tagg för ättvisanu
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april 2014 by kentlundgren
JCI - Human tumors instigate granulin-expressing hematopoietic cells that promote malignancy by activating stromal fibroblasts in mice
In this model - OPN secretion by tumor cells induces the circulation of GRN expressing bone marrow cells which can go to dormant tumors and induce fibroblast activation which stimulates tumor growth. The fibroblasts secrete alot of chemokines (CXCL2, IL6, IL1B, CXCL1, IL8, CCL2, IL1A, CXCL3, CCRL1, CXCL6 )that could stimulate macrophages though the do not mention this.

GRN is up in HBEGF expressors - may work to stimulate fibroblasts directly to induce macrophage activation?
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june 2012 by Segalllab
GRN: Short bible stories in 1566 languages
40 short Bible stories designed to be used with a set of pictures.
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may 2012 by to
[1005.2815] Evolving Genes to Balance a Pole
"The results obtained show that there is a clear computational potential within the model; it should therefore be possible to use other similar models as basis for EC techniques.

The adaptation of such models to EC is not straightforward. As these are mostly complex systems, a thorough comprehension of their exact dynamics is often not possible. The choice of how to encode inputs and outputs is also not a simple issue, and can greatly influence their computational potential."
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may 2010 by Vaguery

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