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Liberté, Egalité, Gritté: how an NHL mascot became an antifa hero
When Gritty was unveiled in September, the immediate reaction was horror and revulsion (including from this very publication). But within hours, the tide began to turn, thanks largely to Gritty’s early Twitter activity – particularly when he told cross-state rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins to “Sleep with one eye open tonight, bird” – as well as his instant visual meme-ability. The gigantic face, the wide mouth set in a permanently crazed smile, and the massive swirling eyeballs made Gritty a grotesque underdog in a social media world of aesthetic perfection. He is hideous, yes, but one cannot help love him for it – recalling for many hockey fans the historically rough-and-tumble Flyers, or, for others, the city of Philadelphia itself and its famously aggressive sports fans. His entrance to the Flyers’ first home game of the season further solidified his status as a sympathetic destructive force: he came in on a wrecking ball.

Then, very quickly, Gritty’s relationship to hockey, or sports, fell by the wayside. Into the mix, another underdog cause attached itself to Gritty: the political left.

A few days after Gritty first appeared, Jacobin magazine, a socialist publication, tweeted simply: “Gritty is a worker.” Whether it was this tweet which sparked what has come since, or whether Jacobin caught on very early to Gritty’s leftist memeification is difficult to ascertain, but in the weeks since, Gritty’s image has been used by anti-fascist protesters, anti-Trump protesters, and in countless left-wing memes.

Among other things, Gritty has been seen anticipating the collapse of the state, stealing Christmas from “capitalist pigs” and threatening to nationalize manufacturing. Gritty has also been recognized by the city of Philadelphia as an anti-fascist, and, indeed, advocating for his place as Time magazine’s person of the year.
by:ColinHorgan  from:TheGuardian  Gritty  meme  antifascism 
5 hours ago by owenblacker
The Year in Good Men | The New Yorker
This year, like the year before it, was a rough one for the reputation of the American male. Those wondering how we could achieve a more just and healthy society continued to have a hard time believing that men would be involved. This distrust was fomented, first and foremost, by the President—his bluster a cover for moral compromise, his bombast a mask for weakness—and by his henchmen, whose unjust policies often felt inseparable from their bullying maleness. It came from the continuing allegations of serial sexual assault against high-powered men like Leslie Moonves and Harvey Weinstein. The outsized self-delusions of tech moguls like Elon Musk also contributed to the sense that masculinity was in crisis. But even the men who reject such figures as models and treat women, as well as other men, with respect; who don’t believe that domination over the less powerful is their birthright; who aren’t, in the recent words of Bruce Springsteen, “locked into a 1950s sensibility of manhood”—these men, too, likely felt themselves tarnished, if only by dint of association. So, in the spirit of good will and charity, and in the interest of keeping hope alive, I’ve pored over the data and dug up a smattering of men who didn’t do so horribly this year.
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december 2018 by laurenipsum
Gritty the Meme, Gritty the Messenger, Gritty the Messianic - The Ringer
"Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers’ sensation-causing mascot, is a weird and scary avatar for a weird and scary time. The 7-foot-tall orange monster didn’t just put one city in touch with its identity: He is all things to all people. He is meme. He is messenger. He is message. And, in many respects, he is messianic."
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december 2018 by robertogreco

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