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How Brexit Will End | The New Yorker
Brexit is an uncanny political process because it is an inversion of the way that things were supposed to go. The world was becoming only more connected; money and people flowed. Europe was leading the experiment. And then a population said no. In 2016, Remainers tended to make economic arguments for staying in the E.U., while Leavers spoke about sovereignty and the health of the nation. In truth, it was a matter of instinct for both sides: were you prepared to go on sharing your agency with international forces of unimaginable scale, or did you believe that an old country could somehow reassert itself and claw out its own domain? The question was more philosophical than real. Being a member of the E.U. cost less than two per cent of Britain’s national budget. Most of us did not care. But, once the question was asked, it became fundamental, and the prelude to every future question. Choosing Brexit meant that we would diverge. We would diverge from Europe, and we would diverge from one another.
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It’s Not a Coup, It’s the Westminster System in Meltdown (But MPs Can Still Stop No Deal) | Novara Media
An abuse of power is not a coup. The truth is the British constitution is designed for precisely the former, placing extraordinary power in the hands of the executive while forsaking strong institutional checks elsewhere. The precise extent of our system is presently being tested by Johnson. And yet the response must be a simple one: the country needs not only economic renewal but a political revolution, with a bill of rights, the end to unelected legislators, and clear, specified protocol around things like referendums.

The Westminster system has evolved precisely so that the executive can act in a quasi-dictatorial manner. It is not a new feature but its default direction for decades. The first step to changing things is not deceiving ourselves.

Importantly for now, this can still be stopped – but calling Johnson’s latest move a coup absolves Tory ‘rebels’ and Liberal Democrats from their historic responsibility: to vote down this government and install Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister to stop No Deal.
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