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Activating Cannabinoid Receptors ~ April 18, 2012 at 12:34pm July 2012. Derek Ki...
Cannabinoid therapy appears to works marvelously for some, and yet others fail to respond. Whilst it is critical to consider cannabinoid content as a factor in this (i.e. ΓÇô Is there enough Cannabidiol (CBD) in your extract? Etc. Another mitigating detail lies within if ones cannabinoid receptors are activated or not. Methylation has been proven to deactivate CB receptors, and this appears particularly prevalent within cancers of the stomach, colon1 and breast. If methylation can create such an unwanted and critical scenario during cannabinoid therapy, then those undergoing cannabinoid therapy should look to include demethylating2 agents into their regime. These include; Green Tea, FeverFew and Annurca Apples3 Green Tea is particularly useful as it can also naturally create Anti-Angiogenesis4 Another area that should be explored is within the use of Phenolic Oils.
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