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CQC - Beyond Barriers - Report
In 2018 CQC completed a review of local health and social care systems in 20 local authority areas. There are reports for each but this paper summarises the findings and makes recommendations. It's likely that Govt. will ask CQC to continue these reviews across the country.
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Social care in 2018: time to think about the future workforce
[lots of good links in this] With 90,000 vacancies, recruitment and retention is social care’s most pressing issue. We are calling for a national campaign to find the right people for the job
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Higher education: teaching excellence, social mobility and student choice - Consultations - GOV.UK
"It will also mean teaching students the transferrable work readiness skills that businesses need, including collaborative teamwork and the development of a positive work ethic, so that they can contribute more effectively to our efforts to boost the productivity of the UK economy."

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