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Western has experienced incredible warmth in recent days.

But over the past 3 years, Greenland's…
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6 days ago by robhawkes
Amidst conference, is experiencing record temps (21°C / 40°F above normal) an…
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6 days ago by mgifford
The East Greenland Ice-Core Project, known as EGRIP, is a scientific project that plans to retrieve an ice core from the Northeast Greenland ice stream.
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7 days ago by asaltydog
The RESPONDER project (standing for Resolving Subglacial Properties, hydrological networks and dynamic evolution of ice flow on the Greenland Ice Sheet) is a European Research Council-funded interdisciplinary study intersecting glaciology, geophysics and computer science.
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7 days ago by asaltydog
RT : This remarkable photo highlights extreme melting

"We see now that it's melting faster than at a…
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7 days ago by TomRaftery
RT : Yesterday (13th June), we calculate lost more than 2 Gt (2 km³) of ice,, melt was widespread b…
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8 days ago by kcarruthers
Temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet see record June melting
Normally, melting this widespread over the ice sheet doesn’t occur until midsummer, if even then.
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8 days ago by mirthe
New map of Greenland reveals fast-changing environment - News - British Antarctic Survey
A new map of Greenland and the European Arctic highlights the importance of monitoring environmental change in this fast-changing region.

Cartographers at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have produced the most detailed and up-to-date printed map of Greenland. This map is the first of its kind to cover the entire region on one sheet.
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10 days ago by asaltydog
Arctic Sea Ice changes in the satellite era
satellite map of northern pole and graphs of temperature and Arctic Ocean coverage from 1987-2019 (1:04 min.)
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4 weeks ago by MsHsi
Global Climate Change | Vital Signs | NASA
interactive graphs/data on things related to climate change, and links to articles and explanatory info
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7 weeks ago by MsHsi

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