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Obama considers sweeping climate plan -
The Obama administration is reportedly considering a sweeping initiative to address climate change, including the first-ever limits on carbon dioxide from power plants.
politics  powerplants  2013  GreenPlanet  June  pollution  GreenGov  Summer  GreenEnergy  Obama 
june 2013 by ahasteve
Obama to call for pollution curbs on existing power plants -
WASHINGTON – President Obama plans to call for curtailing emissions of carbon dioxide from existing power plants, the country’s single largest source of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, in a speech to outline sweeping new initiatives to address climate change, sources with knowledge of the proposal said Saturday.
politics  2013  powerplants  GreenPlanet  June  pollution  Summer  GreenGov  GreenEnergy  Obama 
june 2013 by ahasteve
Federal spending on weather event preparedness lagging -
The government spends much more to clean up damage from storms, tornadoes and drought than it does for helping prepare for such disasters, an analysis finds.
2013  GreenPlanet  June  weather  Summer  GreenGov  ClimateChange  climate-change  notes 
june 2013 by ahasteve
Energy Secretary Chu to step down -
Energy Secretary Steven Chu said he is leaving the Obama administration, ending a tenure marked by active development of alternative energy that won plaudits from environmentalists and drew attacks from conservatives, especially after the bankruptcy of the federally-backed solar panel maker, Solyndra. Chu said that he planned to stay at least through late February and was prepared to stay longer in order to hand over the agency to a new secretary. A Nobel laureate in physics, Chu oversaw the deployment of $35 billion in stimulus funding, much of it to research initiatives and companies charting new vehicle fuels, advanced batteries for large-scale power storage and renewable energy. President Obama thanked Chu for pushing an energy agenda that he said embraced fossil fuels and renewable power.
StevenChu  2013  February  CRO  GreenGov  notes  USDepartmentEnergy  Obama  Winter 
february 2013 by ahasteve
Gov. Jay Inslee wants to beat climate change and create new energy jobs. -
Two years later, the indefatigable Inslee was returned to Congress from a different district and easily held that seat until he left to campaign for governor again last year. In Congress, he became a leader on new energy technology and climate change. I once asked him how anything would ever get done to forestall the looming climate calamity, given the pitiful lack of political will on the issue. As always, he was upbeat, certain that smart leaders would find a solution, certain this was not another quixotic fight.

So, it was no surprise that, in his inaugural speech as governor, Inslee told the assembled legislators he believes the state can lead the world in providing a technological response to the climate challenge. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated in California that states can take effective action to reduce carbon emissions even while the federal government dawdles. Inslee wants his state to follow a similar path and, in the process, create new jobs in the clean energy
January  Washington  2013  GreenPlanet  USWest  governors  JayInslee  GreenGov  Winter 
january 2013 by ahasteve
Climate assessment delivers a grim overview -
The draft Third National Climate Assessment, issued every four years, delivers a bracing picture of environmental changes and natural disasters that mounting scientific evidence indicates is fostered by climate change: heavier rains in the Northeast, Midwest and Plains that have overwhelmed storm drains and led to flooding and erosion; sea level rise that has battered coastal communities; drought that has turned much of the West into a tinderbox.
"Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present," the report says. "Americans are noticing changes all around them. Summers are longer and hotter, and periods of extreme heat last longer than any living American has ever experienced. Winters are generally shorter and warmer." Written by 240 scientists, business leaders and other experts, the draft assessment arrives days after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its annual State of the Climate Report, which noted that 2012 was the hottest year on record. Together, the two major reports and a year of drought, wildfires, floods and freak storms have created for President Obama the chance to take substantial steps on climate change, environmentalists said.
Winter  2013  January  greengov  GreenPlanet  climate-change  global-warming  NationalClimateAssessment  rain  rainfall  flood  drought  erosion  sea-level  beaches  coast  nationaloceanicatmosphericadministration  StateoftheClimateReport  report  hot  heat  temperature  wildfires  notes 
january 2013 by ahasteve
On environment, Obama likely to keep walking middle line -
Over the last four years, Obama charted a middle course on the environment that led to landmark pollution rules, growth in clean energy and the continued development of fossil fuels. For at least much of his second term, there will probably be no sweeping new legislation on climate, air or water pollution, many analysts say, especially with the House of Representatives still controlled by Republicans who view environmental safeguards as economic threats. At the same time, it is unlikely that the administration will throw open vast new swaths of federal lands to oil and gas development. "This was not a status quo election, but that doesn't mean the president is going to move on a liberal agenda," said Joshua Freed, vice president of the clean energy program at Third Way, a center-left Washington think tank. "Instead, what the president has done over the first term is a good road map of what to look for in his second."
Winter  2012  December  CRO  Obama  politics  GreenGov  notes 
december 2012 by ahasteve
Home - GSA Sustainable Facilites Tool
RT : Consider downloading GSA's Sustainable Facilities () Tool mobile app .
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september 2012 by sethblanchard
Solar firm that got federal loan to declare bankruptcy -
A Colorado solar panel maker that received a $400-million loan guarantee from the Obama administration said it would file for bankruptcy, the latest setback for an industry battered by the recession and stiff competition from companies in China. Abound Solar of Loveland, Colo., said Thursday that it would suspend operations next week, after talks with potential buyers broke down. The company received about $70 million from the Energy Department before officials froze its credit line last year. Abound is the third clean-energy company to seek bankruptcy protection after receiving a loan from the Energy Department under the economic stimulus law. California solar panel maker Solyndra and Beacon Power, a Massachusetts energy-storage firm, declared bankruptcy last year. Solyndra received a $528-million federal loan, while Beacon Power got a $43-million loan guarantee.
Summer  2012  USWest  California  Solyndra  Colorado  Loveland  AboundSolar  bankruptcy  SolarPanels  DepartmentofEnergy  GreenGov 
july 2012 by ahasteve
Solar project in desert gets boost from California Legislature -
The legislation to enable the developer to bypass local agencies in seeking approval was fast-tracked in the Assembly. Environmentalists say the proposed Calico Solar facility would be ecologically damaging.
Spring  2012  May  USWest  GreenGov  GreenEnergy  California  green  CalicoSolar  Calico  solar  GreenPlanet  desert 
may 2012 by ahasteve
Polar bears: Proposed rule for polar bears and greenhouse gas emissions -
The rule, released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for public comment, was a setback for environmentalists who have argued it’s not enough to declare polar bears “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act without going after the industrial activities that may be contributing to the melting of sea ice. “If polar bears are to survive, we have to directly confront the greatest threat to them: our greenhouse gas emissions. But the Obama administration seems to be living in a fantasy world where the way to solve a difficult problem is to deny its existence,” Kassie Siegel, director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute, said in a statement. The oil and gas industry and manufacturing groups have vigorously argued just the opposite, saying it makes no sense to require someone building a bridge in Florida to compensate for threats to polar bears at the top of the globe.
Spring  2012  April  Alaska  greenhousegases  oil-refineries  oil-drilling  oil  polarbear  wildlife  wilderness  EndangeredSpeciesAct  USFishandWildlife  GreenGov  GreenPlanet 
april 2012 by ahasteve
QR codes used to encourage citizens to adopt neighborhood trees | Springwise
Four wards in the district – Adams Morgan, Brookland, Fairlawn and Tenleytown – will be the sites for the piloting of the scheme, which will see new trees planted on the state’s streets tagged with a QR code. Passersby who scan the images with a smartphone will be automatically directed towards a form on the Department of Transportation website to register their interest in caring for the tree. Adoption involves applying ten gallons of water to the tree each week between the beginning of spring to the start of winter, clearing away weeds or litter and alerting the department to any larger maintenance requirements. Canopy Keeper registrants receive a slow-drip watering tub free of charge to help them carry out their task. According to the scheme’s organizers, although the department has its own tree maintenance staff, it relies on the help of citizens to keep the trees thriving. The Canopy Keepers’ QR code scheme makes it easier for the residents and businesses of DC to help out in the
Spring  2012  April  Springwise  trends  business-models  Consumer-demand  StartUp  entrepreneurs  neighborhoods  green  GreenCommunity  GreenCitizen  GreenGov  DepartmentofTransportation  trees  QRcode 
april 2012 by ahasteve
The green jobs debate: A boon or a bust for the economy? -
But Next 10’s Many Shades of Green report tells a different story. The new report documents California’s green economy, finding that green jobs haven’t been as vulnerable to recession. Tiffany Hsu explains on Money & Co. From January 2009 through January 2010, the overall state economy lost 7% of its jobs, according to nonprofit research group Next 10’s Many Shades of Green report. During the same period, the core green economy -- composed of businesses involved in renewable energy, clean-fuel cars, water conservation, emissions trading and more -- suffered a 3% job loss. That left 169,800 green jobs in the state at the start of 2010. Regions such as San Diego, the Bay Area and Sacramento remained resilient with less than a 2% green employment decline. Los Angeles, which has more than 20% of all green jobs in the state, saw its positions slip 4% to 26,600.
Winter  2012  February  USWest  California  recession  job-creation  GreenGov  GreenEnergy  green  Ripple-Effects  Implication  Indicator  Consequences 
march 2012 by ahasteve
Audit fails to turn up waste in federal loan guarantee programs -
The audit came in response to mounting criticism over the bankruptcy of Solyndra, the California solar equipment maker firm that received a $535-million loan guarantee in 2009.
Winter  2012  February  InnovationGreenSpots  CRO  GreenTech  Paradoxy-Morons  StartUp  GreenGov  Solyndra 
march 2012 by ahasteve
Obama administration unveils forest management plan -
It is an attempt to balance competing interests of industry and conservation groups, replacing a framework that has long been at the center of legal battles.Vilsack said the Obama administration was trying to balance competing interests over how to use the nation's 155 national forests and areas such as grasslands, which the Forest Service administers in more than 40 states. There must be an emphasis on jobs, as the president outlined in his State of the Union message, but the need for timber industry jobs has to be balanced by the need for recreation, officials said. "The changes use the best available science, along with our expertise, to strengthen the requirement when it comes to recreation," Tidwell said. "People wanted recreation to be a key part of multiple use." The existing rule goes back to 1982 and is long out of date, Vilsack said. Attempts to modernize the rule, however, have been bogged down in the courts. At least three revisions have been struck down since 2000.
Winter  2012  January  GreenGov  GreenPlanet  Obama  TomVilsack  USForestService  USDepartmentofAgriculture  forest-management  forests  SecretaryofAgriculture 
february 2012 by ahasteve
Obama administration denies Keystone XL oil pipeline permit -
The State Department says it needs more time to assess the proposal under current law. Project advocates and opponents both are likely to prolong the political fight.
Winter  2012  January  pipeline  oil  KeystoneXL  Obama  GreenGov  green 
february 2012 by ahasteve
National climate change strategy proposed for wildlife -
“We’re already seeing changes,” says Mark Shaffer, national climate change policy advisor for USFWS. “In any individual case, you can’t always say exactly what the mechanism is, but the number of species that are showing shifts in their ranges either northward or upslope – it’s a pretty broad pattern. It’s the kind of thing you would expect if a species were affected to some extent by temperature.” Such changes can be anticipated and mitigated, and an adaptation strategy helps guide protection for wildlife and plants, can guide decisions on issues such as water allocation or timber sales, and can help give some modicum of stability for resource-based businesses. Australia has already been making these documents for a decade, and the UK and Canada have them too. “We do need to be thinking and assessing the social and economic implications of these climate-driven changes on the nation’s natural resources,” says Roger Griffis, climate change coordinator, NOAA Fisheries Service. “In the
Winter  2010  2012  January  DepartmentofDefense  USDepartmentofDefense  BLM  BureauofLandManagement  USParkService  USForestService  USPS  NOAA  NationalMarineFisheriesService  USFishandWildlife  habitat  wildlife  wilderness  Climate-Change  GreenGov  GreenPlanet  notes  Ripple-Effects  Implication  Indicator  Consequences 
february 2012 by ahasteve

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