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Vaughn Palmer: Weaver outlines how he’d change NDP speculation tax | Vancouver Sun
“I would not support legislation that would apply a vacancy tax — it is not a speculation tax — to various local communities without the support of those local communities,” Weaver told reporters.

He delivered that comment against the backdrop of UBCM delegates calling on the province to “modify the proposed speculation tax to empower local governments to collect a levy on vacant residential properties and to require local governments that choose to impose such a levy to invest the revenues in non-market housing. “

The originating municipality for the motion was Oak Bay. Weaver, being the MLA for that community, fully supports allowing municipalities to opt for a vacancy tax of their own, as Vancouver has already been permitted to do under the city charter.
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september 2018 by badeconomist
Democrats are still obsessed with Jill Stein. They should start obsessing over nonvoters instead.
"But," you may protest, "Donald Trump won by a margin smaller than the number of Green Party votes in key states, particularly the Upper Midwest!" And you're right, that's true. Take Michigan: Trump won Michigan by 13,225 votes, while Jill Stein walked away with 51,463 votes. Clearly, if all of those people had voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Stein, Clinton would have won Michigan. (Whether Stein votes ought to be otherwise considered shoo-in Democrat votes is a separate matter.)

If these are the only variables of interest to us — the number of ballots affirmatively cast for Trump, Clinton, Stein, and maybe Johnson — then yeah, the Stein-as-spoiler argument makes some sense. But here's another number, one that ought to change your perspective: 87,810. That's how many Michigan voters showed up to the polls, cast ballots, and declined to vote for a presidential candidate at all.


Can we blame California for Trump?

The perils of reflexively politicizing tragedy
That compares to 49,840 such "undervotes" in 2012. It was a veritable phenomenon last year — people stood in line and performed their civic duty, but simply abstained from marking a preference for commander in chief. An analysis published by The Washington Post tallied 1.7 million undervotes in 33 states. The number was up in most states, they concluded, by an average of 2.5 times as much as in 2012.
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june 2017 by perich

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