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3M Takes Headquarters 100% Renewable - ThomasNet
Whether you see it as greenwashing or genuine environmental stewardship, many companies these days are making ambitious commitments relating to sustainability and emissions.

The latest is 3M, who has announced its goal to run on 100% renewable energy in every facility globally. But the maker of industrial adhesives is taking it one step further than most: it made its renewable energy goal effective at its headquarters immediately following the announcement.
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Ashland Chemical Company Expands In Piedmont, South Carolina - Area Development
Ashland, a premier global specialty chemicals company, is expanding its manufacturing plant in Piedmont to accommodate continued growth. This new expansion is projected to bring at least $5.6 million of new capital investment to the Upstate in Greenville County, South Carolina.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
A hot incentive companies may be missing - Deloitte US
For many people, a large industrial boiler burning natural gas to produce steam for use in a manufacturing process is not the image that comes to mind when considering green energy technologies.
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september 2016 by areadevelopment
Green building industry's next frontier is manufacturing - Crain's Chicago Business
Think of a factory and smokestacks come to mind. “Green” building isn't in the picture. But factories around the world are going green at a remarkable pace.
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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016: SolarCity’s Gigafactory - MIT Technology Review
A $750 million solar facility in Buffalo will produce a gigawatt of high-efficiency solar panels per year and make the technology far more attractive to homeowners. Availability: next year
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june 2016 by areadevelopment
‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ Comes to CRE -
Avison Young’s Amy Erixon writes in a new report that a range of new technologies will transform commercial real estate “in profound ways.”
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june 2016 by areadevelopment
MIT for Managers: Can You Afford to Build Green? - MITSloan Management Review
Most respondents think the price tag on building sustainably is as much as 20 to 50% more than conventional construction. But based on Sterman’s analysis, the real cost premium can be a small fraction of that.
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april 2016 by areadevelopment
Now IBM Watson wants to look after your office, too - ZDNet
Siemens and IBM have announced they are working together to integrate software from IBM's Watson IoT Business Unit, including analytics and asset management, into Siemens cloud-based Navigator energy and sustainability management platform to make it easier to manage smart buildings.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
Rooftop Solar Providers Face a Cloudier Future - The New York Times
But it is local rate policies, like the sharp cut in net metering credits in Nevada, that pose a threat to SolarCity and its ilk.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
Why There Aren't Many Rooftop Solar Panels in the South - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Just seven states, all below the Mason-Dixon Line — Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia — ban such third-party power purchase agreements, according to the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center at NC State University. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee don’t have rules governing how utilities reimburse customers for the excess electricity they generate.
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Old Buildings Are U.S. Cities’ Biggest Sustainability Challenge - HBR
In the United States, buildings consume 41 percent of the nation’s total energy use, through lighting, heating, air conditioning, elevators, and the thousands of items plugged into their sockets. In large urban centers such as Chicago and New York, the figure surpasses 70%. As the world seeks to forge a path to a clean energy future, the simple fact is that we need to reduce the energy used by cities and their buildings.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
Why Aren't There More Energy-Efficient Buildings? - the Atlantic - City Lab
Data from an initiative to make architecture more sustainable shows progress, but there’s still a long way to go to make a dent in climate-change risks.
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october 2015 by areadevelopment
Green buildings are good business - HSBC Global Connections
Buildings consume energy throughout their life cycles, from raw materials through construction and occupancy to demolition. Energy consumed during occupancy equates to 27% of global CO2, so energy-efficiency measures offer significant potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
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A Strategist’s Guide to Power Industry Transformation - strategy+business
The way we create, use, and manage electricity is finally changing, and the implications go far beyond the utility sector.
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july 2015 by areadevelopment
Demystifying Green Building Certifications and Protocols - CRE Radio
A healthy, energy efficient building and environment is good for everyone. But at what cost? Learn how the USGBC, GRESB & CBRE are moving us toward better understanding and implementation of healthy and energy efficient buildings.
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may 2014 by areadevelopment
Products | SonicCHP
They sell the Yanmar micro CHP 5 kW fuel cell - cost unknown. There are federal and CA state incentives though that seem pretty generous - mayb as it should be, this baby might be expensive
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november 2013 by mgold
‘Green’ Building Incentive Nears End - NuWire Investor
The Energy Efficient Building Tax Deduction is set to expire and many commercial builders and owners are scrambling to capitalize on the incentive before the window of opportunity closes.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment

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