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APC Surge Arrest Essential - PM1W-FR - 1 Prise - Prise murale: Bricolage
Parafoudre contre la foudre parasurtenseur avec le bon connecteur pour prise avec terre.
13000 ampères 900 joules
Protection jusqu'à 50000 Euros
Et pas trop encombrante !!!
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15 hours ago by jcmasset
Konica M-Hexanon 35 mm f/2,0 review test
il a exactement la meme taille à 1mm près qu'un 35mm summilux FLE ...
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7 days ago by jcmasset
RT : 👏 to this England fan for the best vox pop answer today
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7 days ago by natmandu
A Letter To The Superhuman - Siddha Performance
I will state a great Truth.

You have adopted the habits and behaviors of mortal men.

Society is your enemy. You cannot afford to wear any of its colors. You cannot afford to wave its flag.

Society is a vortex which consumes those who allow themselves to be consumed.

One of the habits of society that you have inculcated is the oscillation between Mind and No-Mind.
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11 days ago by bekishore

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