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Thermal Grizzly High Performance Cooling Solutions - Conductonaut
Apparently a VERY fancy pants thermal grease for CPU's. Has some limitations...
CPU  cooler  heatsink  thermal  grease  compound  DIY 
2 days ago by asteroza
7 people sought treatment for injuries after Outback Steakhouse
Authorities are on the scene of a situation at the Outback restaurant on Savannah's Southside on Abercorn Extension, Friday night. 

Chatham Emergency Services Fire Chief Chuck Kearns tells us a van hit the wall with cooking fryers, sending grease flying and badly burning several people. 

We're told that police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances have surrounded the building. Part of the roof also collapsed when the crash happened. 
us_GA  public  release  injury  grease 
february 2018 by dchas
Not A Thing
Sometimes, in the midst of everything, Danny's mouth will end up at his ear with a broken off, muffled, "baby". The first few times, Kenickie stopped cold and couldn't catch his breath. Now he looks forward to it, the same way Rizzo seems to when he says, "Betty".
author:gaialux  grease  danny-zuko/kenickie 
november 2017 by sarapod
our day will come (and we'll have everything)
Somehow, you make it out of the sixties alive (the draft never got you – sometimes old drag racing injuries are useful after all, even if they make you ache as you lie down to work on the underside of Vettes and Chryslers). You’re in your late thirties when gay lib finally happens, and when Harvey Milk kicks off the protest movement you’re also one of the hundreds on your feet and marching. Not – you insist – because you’re particularly politically active, but because it’s a great way to meet guys.

You see a lot of things that first weekend on the protest circuit, and of those thousand wonderments the last sight you expect to be treated to is that of Danny Zuko hoisting a rainbow flag and shouting slogans, but it is what it is.
author:missy  grease  danny-zuko/kenickie 
november 2017 by sarapod

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