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The gray wolf spotted near the Grand Canyon this fall has already been killed by a hunter
Late last year, a gray wolf was seen near the north rim of the Grand Canyon. This type of sighting hadn’t happened for decades, so we wrote about it, obviously.

People seemed fairly jazzed about the find, because it wasn’t a thing that happens every day. “We’re pretty excited about it,” Michael Robinson, a conservation advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity, told The Washington Post.

But in late December, a northern gray wolf was fatally shot by a hunter in Utah. Wildlife officials said the shooting was an accident; the hunter thought the wolf was a coyote.

And now, tests have confirmed that the wolf shot by the hunter was the same one caught prowling near the Grand Canyon in the fall, officials said in a news release Wednesday.
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Blog by Michael Gray on internet marketing, blogging strategy or viral marketing. Too much personal and anecdotal stuff though (exrss tag indicates RSS unscubscription)
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