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This one is a straight up winched weight in a shaft, rather than vertical bore hydraulic piston
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5 weeks ago by asteroza
The Black Swan Blog » Funicular Power – Newton’s Apple to the rescue
Funicular railway as a potential energy store is an interesting variation on the theme. This article basically describes ARES, but what about cable funicular railways? That would put the big motor/generator at the bottom station and make most if not all the cargo cars dumb and low cost. Either that, or go whole hog with an abt cog railway for even steep slopes...
cable  funicular  railway  gravity  energy  storage  green 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Digi-Comp II
The Digi-Comp II: First Edition is a modern, fully-operational recreation of the Digi-Comp II, the classic 1960's educational computer kit. It's an automatic binary digital mechanical computer, capable of conducting basic operations like adding, multiplying, subtracting, dividing, counting, and so forth. And what's more, all of these operations are conducted by the action of balls rolling down a slope, directed by mechanical switches and flip flops, and all powered by gravity.
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6 weeks ago by bezthomas

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