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The Nebraska Problem
So these days, whenever I am working on something, no matter how insignificant, I reflexively start considering the reasons behind it. Planting grass was no different.
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16 days ago by jakobb
4 Grass Types For Your Maryland Home
Many people assume that all grass is the same, but there are many different types of grass, and each type has different pros and cons and are best suited to different climates. Learn about the four grass types of your Maryland home.
maryland  grass  home 
27 days ago by Adventure_Web
4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Lawn
While it’s important to know about the basics of lawn care and how to maintain your landscape, it’s also crucial to know what not to do. Learn about four things you should never do to your lawn.
lawn  landscape  grass 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Grasses are better than fertilizer for growing healthy blueberries
"Grasses -- which are well-adapted to poor soils -- can provide a sustainable, natural source of iron chelators via their roots when grown alongside fruiting plants. Intercropping with grass species has been shown to improve plant growth and fruit yield in olives, grapes, citrus varieties -- and most recently, in blueberries."
science  blueberries  grass  iron 
6 weeks ago by emkay
Control of Annual Grassy Weeds in Lawns - 3.101 - ExtensionExtension
There are several approaches to consider in the management of annual grasses in the home lawn, involving both cultural (non-herbicidal) techniques and the possible use of herbicides.
colorado  grass  lawn  weeds 
7 weeks ago by devnulled
The Proper Ground Temperature For Your Lawn And Why It Matters
Understanding how temperature affects the growth of grass can help you find the right mix of seed for your landscape to ensure that you have the best looking lawn possible.
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10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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