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We Love Graphs: JavaScript Graph Drawing Libraries
Short comparison table of various JS graph drawing libs, obvs including d3, but also VivaGraphJS, dagre, dracula and more.
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10 hours ago by jdwaterson
Rank aggregation basics: Local Kemeny optimisation | David R. MacIver
This turns our problem from a global search to a local one: Basically we can start from any point in the search space and search locally by swapping adjacent pairs until we hit a minimum. This turns out to be quite easy to do. _We basically run insertion sort_: At step n we have the first n items in a locally Kemeny optimal order. Swap the n+1th item backwards until the majority think its predecessor is < it. This ensures all adjacent pairs are in the majority order, so swapping them would result in a greater than or equal K. This is of course an O(n^2) algorithm. In fact, the problem of merely finding a locally Kemeny optimal solution can be done in O(n log(n)) (for much the same reason as you can sort better than insertion sort). You just take the directed graph of majority votes and find a Hamiltonian Path. The nice thing about the above version of the algorithm is that it gives you a lot of control over where you start your search.
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3 days ago by nhaliday
How to Generate FiveThirtyEight Graphs in Python | Hacker News
This isn't strictly true. They use an internal tool built using Victory[1]
4 days ago by dano
Visual Display of Quantitative Information
20 Tufteisms from The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

1.Graphical excellence is the well-designed presentation of interesting data – a matter of substance, of statistics, and of design...
charts  graphs  visualization  work  from notes
4 days ago by .paul
Explorations in Unix
Few tools are more indispensable to my work than Unix. Manipulating data into different formats, performing transformations, and conducting exploratory data analysis (EDA) is the lingua franca of data science. The coffers of Unix hold many simple tools, which by themselves are powerful, but when chained together facilitate complex data manipulations. Unix’s use of functional composition eliminates much of the tedious boilerplate of I/0 and text parsing found in scripting languages. This design creates a simple and succinct interface for manipulating data and a foundation upon which custom tools can be built. Although languages like R and Python are invaluable for data analysis, I find Unix to be superior in many scenarios for quick and simple data cleaning, idea prototyping, and understanding data. This post is about how I use Unix for EDA.
unix  linux  tools  data  sysadmin  graphs  diagrams  visualization 
5 days ago by dusko
Narrative Graph Models - Storyboard - maetl
The most prominent example of using graphs in the context of fiction is the Marvel Entertainment database which maps out the complex and contradictory 70 year history of Marvel Universe characters and creative assets to an extraordinary fine-grained level of detail.
6 days ago by dusko
Planning with Graphviz
digraph G {

/* Set graph background attributes */
rankdir=LR; /* Comment out if you want it to be oriented top to bottom */

/* Set default shape to be a box rather than an ellipse */
node [shape=box, fontsize=11, fontname="Calibri Bold", color="#2E5F58", style=filled, fillcolor="#2E5F58", fontcolor="#ffffff"];

/* Style the arrows, because I think that the arrow head is too big by default */
edge [color="#9DC8C2", arrowsize=0.5];

/* Tasks */
"Find Driving\n Instructor" -> "Book Lessons" -> "Learn To Drive" -> "Book Practical\n Test" -> "Pass Practical\n Test";
"Study for Theory\n Test" -> "Book Theory\n Test" -> "Pass Theory\n Test" -> "Book Practical\n Test";
"Pass Practical\n Test" -> "Buy Car" -> "Buy\n Insurance" -> "Pay Tax" -> "Drive Somewhere\n Nice";
"Decide Which\n Car To Buy" -> "Buy Car"
6 days ago by dusko

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