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Creating a Bar Graph with CSS Grid
If you’re looking for more manageable ways to create bar graphs, or in search of use cases to practice CSS Grid layout, I got you!
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7 hours ago by spaceninja
Sapping Attention: Meaning chains with word embeddings
Matthew Lincoln recently put up a Twitter bot that walks through chains of historical artwork by vector space similarity. The idea comes from a Google project looking at paths that traverse similar paintings. via Pocket
analysis  demos  graphs  images  texts  visualization 
yesterday by kintopp
Graphentechnologien in den Digitalen Geisteswissenschaften
Dieses Studienbuch führt in Graphentechnologien mit einem geisteswissenschaften Fokus ein. Es handelt sich momentan um eine Arbeitsfassung, die noch weiter entwickelt, ggf. umstrukturiert und ausgebaut wird. Für Rückmeldungen, Verbesserungen und Hinweise bin ich dankbar.
books  germany  graphs  networks  open  access  xml 
yesterday by kintopp
Interactive, Reactive Web Apps for Python
Dash is a Python framework for building analytical web applications. Built on top of Plotly.js, React, and Flask, Dash ties modern UI elements like dropdowns, sliders, and graphs to your analytical Python code.
plotlyjs  react  flask  python  visualisation  graphs  dashboard 
2 days ago by webdevotion
A Gentle Introduction to Data Visualization Methods in Python
A Gentle Introduction to Data Visualization Methods in Python
python  charts  graphs  data  datavisualization 
2 days ago by hayzer
#SWDchallenge: slopegraph
Last month, we focused on a variation of a bar graph when I challenged you to make a waterfall chart  (45 people shared their creations: be sure to check out the recap post !) This month, we’ll be practicing an alternative form of a line graph: the slopegraph .   what is a slopegraph?
data  visualisation  graphs  design 
14 days ago by coldbrain

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