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Nvidia GTX 970 4 GB -
Compatible with OS X, Windows (via BootCamp or in a PC)
Boot Screen support from all ports at startup
Does not require an additional power supply
Supports four concurrent displays via the available ports: one dual-link DVI, one HDMI 2.0, and three DisplayPort 1.2
PCI Express 2.0 support in OS X and Windows
4K 30Hz support from HDMI
4K 60Hz support from DisplayPort with SST 4K Monitors
5K 60Hz support using two DisplayPorts (tested on the Dell 5K UP2715K)
CUDA, OpenGL, OpenCL in applications that support them
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august 2015 by sandbags
Screen Tearing | Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Screen tearing occurs when a graphics card is rendering frames at a rate in excess of the refresh rate of the monitor. The result can be that a single frame displayed by the monitor is a mix of 2 separate frames, one in front of the other. A visual artefact is produced on the screen where a section of the image is from a different frame to the rest of the image, resulting in a 'torn' looking effect.

My very non-technical understanding is that the graphics card is trying to 'cram' too many frames down the monitor's throat. It's more likely to be unnoticed if one frame is similar to the next (for example your character is stationary on the screen), but if the difference in frames is large (your character is spinning around quickly), screen tearing will become more noticeable.
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february 2015 by d-metcalfe
Nvidia G-Sync Syncs Screen Refresh Rate To GPU For Super-Smooth Gaming
Refresh rate of monitor is variable instead of fixed. Completely synced with the graphics card, a new frame is only drawn when it is fed one by the graphics card. It is a 'slave' to the graphics card.
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october 2014 by d-metcalfe
Gamer's Graphics & Display Settings Guide
"A central resource for PC optimization and troubleshooting information."
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july 2014 by d-metcalfe
gfxCardStatus: menu bar gpu status monitor for os x / cody krieger - mobile, desktop & web developer
gfxCardStatus is an open-source menu bar application that keeps track of which graphics card your 2010 MacBook Pro is using at any given time, and allows you to switch between them manually.
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may 2010 by wernsting

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