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Apollo Press Kits
"Press kits prepared by the public relations staff at the major contractors for the Apollo 11 mission provided valuable additional information not found in NASA issued news releases.... Now, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, I've digitized my collection to make it available to scholars, marketers, Apollo buffs, and fans of graphic design."
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yesterday by warnick
GitHub - curv3d/curv: a language for making art using mathematics
2D and 3D geometric modeling tool that supports full color, animation and 3D printing
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5 days ago by jshwlkr
What It’s Like To Design A Font From Scratch
“What type designers do is start with the cap ‘H,’ cap ‘O,’ and cap ‘V,’ and lowercase ‘n,’ ‘o,’ ‘d.’ Those give you a lot of information about what the other letters are going look like. The thickness of the stems and how big the lowercase is compared to the uppercase, that relationship is very critical to legibility and it has a big effect on how elegant the design looks. Then you start filling out the alphabet and adding characteristics to curves. It’s a very methodical process.”
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6 days ago by brittanydael
How to design a font: A step-by-step guide - Features - Digital Arts
“The capitals ‘H’ and ‘O’ set standards for round and straight parts of the other capital characters. In the lowercase, ’n’ and ‘o’ will do the same job, and letters with ascenders and descenders such as ‘d’ and ‘p’ will help define vertical proportions of the font. These key characters not only dictate the structure of the shapes of the typeface, but also their spacing – shapes with similar aspects to their sides are spaced in the same manner,” says Fernando.
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6 days ago by brittanydael

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