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Iconfu - Get Icons in your Color and Style
a library of vector icons. Nice professional images but not all free. Free collection is called 'Material'
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5 hours ago by piperh
How Brexit has created four new political factions - interactive graphic • The Guardian
Josh Holder:
<p>Our study clusters MPs by the similarity of their voting patterns: if two MPs always vote the same way, the chart groups them tightly together.

The patterns on key Brexit votes reveal the emergence of four cross-party political factions that are wrangling for control of the negotiations.

A cross-party group of pro-European MPs usually votes with each other, with or against their own frontbenches, while Europhobe Conservatives now constitute a party within the party.</p>

The votes described here probably won't mean anything to anyone outside the UK, but scroll down and the evolution from two-party system to four-group dynamic becomes clear. The Europhobes are indeed a party within a party in the Tories, and extremists outside the party in Labour. The Europhiles, meanwhile, are effectively homeless, politically.
Brexit  graphic  visual 
yesterday by charlesarthur
office of paul sahre
The Office of Paul Sahre is a design consultancy based in New York City.
graphic  design  agency  portfolio  nyc  manhattan  newyork 
yesterday by antitext
karlssonwilker inc.
karlssonwilker is a full-service design studio based in new york.
graphic  design  studio  portfolio  newyork 
yesterday by antitext
graphic design studio in new york city, founded by partners brendan griffiths and frank derose.
graphic  design  studio  firm  portfolio  nyc  manhattan  newyork 
yesterday by antitext - SUID Investigations
Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths

Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths are defined as deaths in infants less than 1 year of age that occur suddenly and unexpectedly, and whose cause of death are not immediately obvious prior to investigation.

Each year in the United States, more than 4,500 infants die suddenly of no immediately, obvious cause. Half of these Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID) are due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the leading cause of SUID and of all deaths among infants aged 1–12 months.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is defined as the sudden death of an infant less than 1 year of age that cannot be explained after a thorough investigation is conducted, including:

a complete autopsy;
examination of the death scene;
and review of the clinical history.
SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants aged 1–12 months, and is the third leading cause overall of infant mortality in the United States. Although the overall rate of SIDS in the United States has declined by more than 50% since 1990, rates for non-Hispanic black and American Indian/Alaska Native infants remain disproportionately higher than the rest of the population. Preventing SIDS remains an important public health priority.

For a medical examiner or coroner to determine the cause of the death, a thorough case investigation including examination of the death scene and a review of the infant’s clinical history must be conducted. A complete autopsy needs to be performed, ideally using information gathered from the scene investigation. Even when a thorough investigation is conducted, it may be difficult to separate SIDS from other types of sudden unexpected infant deaths, especially accidental suffocation in bed.

After a thorough case investigation, many of these sudden unexpected infant deaths may be explained. Poisoning, metabolic disorders, hyper or hypothermia, neglect and homicide, and suffocation are all explainable causes of SUID
SIDS  SUID  mortality  infant  cause  of  death  classification  definition  revision  CDC  suffocation  diagnostic  standard  subtype  graphic 
yesterday by Michael.Massing
Bookswarm | A digital agency dedicated to the world of books
they say: We are a digital agency dedicated to the world of books
webdesign  web  design  examples  inspiration  books  digital  agency  graphic 
2 days ago by piperh
Palettte App
a curious tool for generating colour code - with sliders for each of hue, saturation and lightness - cool for instantly seeing the effect of changing values
color  colour  value  code  hsl  hsv  rgb  hex  palette  tool  webdesign  web  design  graphic 
3 days ago by piperh
Powerpoint Templates, Keynote Templates, and Google Slides Themes for Business or Educational. Professional slides to built beautiful and creative presentations
keynote  google  slide  powerpoint  template  graphic  design  presentation 
5 days ago by roggedoggelito

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