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Sigma js
JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.
graph  network  js  visualization  html5  canvas 
2 days ago by steffenfiedler
Data-processing for humans | Python 3.5+ | 🐵 Bonobo
Extract Transform Load framework for python 3.5+. Write line by line data processors in minutes, using the best practices of software engineering.
Bonobo  python  tryme  data  data-science  etl  data-analysis  graph  data-proc  via:popular 
2 days ago by tranqy
Probabilistic graphical modeling is a branch of machine learning that studies how to use probability distributions to describe the world and to make useful predictions about it.
statistics  ml  graph  visualization 
2 days ago by moonhawk
react-trend 1.2.0 Demo
Simple, elegant trend graphs for React.js.
graphs  data  react  graph  reactjs 
5 days ago by semanticdreamer

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