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20180523  bob  grant  policy  review  hipaa  Privacy  13.0  14.0  15.0  16.0  17.0  18.0  19.0  20.0  21.0  22.0  23.0  24.0  25.0 
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Capricious Photo Award
The Capricious Award will provide one photographer with the resources and editorial support to bring a body of work to fruition. The award will be juried by photographers, critics and curators, with the intent to select a photographer whose work is both distinct in point of view and boldly relevant to the unfolding issues of our time. The award continues the legacy of Capricious Magazine, culminating in the form of a photo book.
award  grant  photography  alumni 
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Schedule Your Implementation - Compliancy Group
If you need to schedule a call please use this link: ;;; ;;;
tags: compliancyGroup Compliancy Group ; Link to schedule a call or meeting on goToMeeting with Bob Grant BobGrant ;;;
compliancyGroup  Compliancy  Group  ;  Link  to  schedule  a  call  or  meeting  on  goToMeeting  with  Bob  Grant  BobGrant  HowTo  how 
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is one of the recipients of a multi-institutional awarded by -NIFA_AFRI to improve the effica…
USDA-NIFA_AFRI  grant  from twitter_favs
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International Grant Program 2018 | The Toyota Foundation
The Toyota Foundation is a grant-making foundation established in 1974 by the Toyota Motor Corporation.
grant  opportunity 
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20180427; bobGrant; PolicyReviewEtc. - YouTube ;;;
tags: 20180427 ; bobGrant bob Grant Policy reivew YouTube | video psn training screenCastOMatic ;;;
20180427  ;  bobGrant  bob  Grant  Policy  reivew  YouTube  |  video  psn  training  screenCastOMatic 
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Secure single page applications using the Azure AD v2.0 implicit flow | Microsoft Docs
Single page and other JavaScript apps that run primarily in a browser face a few interesting challenges when it comes to authentication...For these applications (think: AngularJS, Ember.js, React.js, etc) Azure AD supports the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant flow.
add  azure  ad  SPA  oauth  implicit  grant  authentication 
28 days ago by vegarev
Enabling OAuth 2.0 implicit grant for Single Page Applications - Integrating Applications with Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs
Single Page Application’s (SPAs) are typically structured with a JavaScript-heavy front end that runs in the browser, which calls the application’s web API back-end to perform its business logic. For SPAs hosted in Azure AD, you use OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant to authenticate the user with Azure AD and obtain a token that you can use to secure calls from the application's JavaScript client to its back-end web API.
oath2  implicit  grant  SPA  azure  ad 
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