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MEP receives NEH grant to build online resource exploring early cinema history – The Media Ecology Project at Dartmouth College
The Paper Print and Biograph Compendium will produce a collection of data on over 400 select films from the early silent cinema era that document the transition of visual culture from stage to screen. It will combine highly influential and rare works archived in the Paper Print collection of pre-1930 cinema at the Library of Congress with additional American Mutoscope and Biograph Company (Biograph) films preserved at the Library of Congress and the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, plus a digitized version of the Biograph Exhibitors Catalog from The Museum of Modern Art, in order to create a digital resource for film scholars around the world.

As primary sources of cinematic history, the Paper Print and Biograph films have received considerable attention. This new compendium will take an innovative approach to annotating the digitized films with diverse types of scholarly description, archival metadata, and machine-generated annotation to present online visitors with a variety of analytic lenses embedded in a single, simple interface. The Compendium will offer scholars a reliable home from which to compare disparate types of data, create linkages to fields outside film studies, and otherwise begin to produce new lines of scholarship about these essential films. Participating scholars will include film historian Paul Spehr, Dan Streible (NYU), and Jenny Oyallon-Koloski (U Illinois).

The Compendium will unite MEP’s existing Semantic Annotation Tool (SAT) with the popular scholarly publishing platform Scalar, produced by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture. It will provide scholars a simple way to relate their work to other transdisciplinary studies of early cinema and highlight emergent relationships between seemingly independent quantitative and qualitative data. Technology developed to create the Compendium will be made available to other researchers who can apply it to analyzing their own collections as well. The Scalar-compatible version of SAT will provide scholars with an accessible way to manage detailed annotations of embedded video in their human-readable publications while simultaneously making those annotations available as data that can feed machine learning systems, quantitative analysis, and semantic web consumers.
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Goss-Michael Foundation's MTV RE:DEFINE Award
The Goss-Michael Foundation recognizes excellence in contemporary art by a postgraduate fine arts student. Students in their final program year from the current top twenty-five fine arts programs across the globe may submit their work for consideration. There are no restrictions regarding age, gender, national origin, or artistic medium. The Award is designed to provide a bridge of financial support and meaningful connections for an emerging artist from one of the world’s premier scholastic art programs as they transition into their professional career. The winner will receive:

--$15,000 cash prize
--Solo exhibition at The Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, Texas, USA
--Opportunity to participate in one of the annual MTV RE:DEFINE auction events
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