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In another ode to Tom Patterson and the style of maps, heres my take on a map of . Che…
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Grand Canyon: Tourist plunges to his death taking photos
The body of a Hong Kong man who plunged to his death while taking photos at the Grand Canyon has been recovered.

The man, who was part of a tour group, fell at Eagle Point near the Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that juts out from the canyon wall.

A helicopter was sent to retrieve the body 1,000ft (305m) below the rim.

About a dozen people are reported to die every year at the attraction, two or three from falls over the edge.
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Heart of the Grand Canyon Map
This map displays the striking topography of the Grand Canyon, while providing details of its park facilities, trails, campgrounds.
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Heart of the Grand Canyon Map
Compiled from aerial photographs taken in 1972 and field surveying, this map provides striking topography of the canyon and detail of its park facilities, trails, campgrounds, and more. Published in July 1978 as half of a two–map set with "The Grand
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The Heart of the Grand Canyon Map
Over a period of 8 years, explorer and photographer Bradford Washburn worked with a small team and National Geographic to produce
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The Heart of the Grand Canyon
Appreciation of a classic of handmade mapping
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Überraschenderweise gab es gestern und heute Nacht eine Menge Neuschnee am . Sah alles aus wie Puderzuc…
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Critical Backcountry Updates: Including Trail Closures and Restrictions - Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
Average temperatures, weather information and road conditions can be found on the Weather Conditions page. Grand Canyon's water supply comes from Roaring Springs, a natural spring located approximately 3,500 feet below the North Rim. via Pocket
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