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NHS Scotland embarks on global radiologist search - BBC News
A global campaign to attract radiologists to work in the Scottish NHS has been launched.

Nine health boards, including NHS Fife, Grampian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde, have 32 vacancies which they have struggled to fill.

Radiologists specialise in diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer using medical imagery.

NHS Scotland will take its recruitment drive to India, the US, Canada, western Europe and Australia.
NHS  Cancer  Crisis  Grampian  Scotland  England  patient  safety 
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Number of NHS beds in Scotland plummets 
Statistics released by NHS Scotland's information services division show the number of beds has declined by 1672 to 21,340, a fall of 7.3%, since 2012-13.

NHS Grampian was one of the worst affected health boards with a 17% drop in bed numbers over the period.
NHS  Grampian  Austerity 
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NHS Grampian puts cap on non-urgent surgery over winter - Evening Express
NHS Grampian has confirmed it is only booking category one and two patients, who require surgery within a month or within three months respectively, in January and February.

The health board said the move was part of its winter plans and there would be exceptions where surgeries do not impact on beds. [...] It follows a row in October after NHS Tayside announced it had put on hold all planned, non-urgent operations for three weeks over the festive period. Category three patients, who require surgery within a year, will not be routinely booked for January and February, under NHS Grampian’s plans.
NHS  winter  crisis  elective  care  surgery  rationing  Grampian  Scotland  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  Austerity  waiting  times  backlog  Council  GP  referral  A&E  bedblocking  bed  blocking 
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Hundreds of key NHS posts in Scotland hospitals lying empty - The Scotsman
Last month an Audit Scotland report suggested NHS bosses are deliberately avoiding filling vacant positions for up to a year in a bid to make savings. The public spending watchdog said the move was one of a range of ways that health boards could try to reduce their spending.

Read more at:
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity 
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US experts offer help as NHS Grampian tries to tackle op waiting times - Evening Express
“It’s not just the quality of the care that is being delivered that is remarkable, it is also the sheer scale of the work that is done. ARI is Europe’s largest hospital and, across our area, we carry out more than 3,000 operations a month – in the region of 100 each day.

“Effectively managing and maintaining that kind of activity requires a mammoth effort behind the scenes which is why the work is being done to transform how we manage patient access and theatre capacity is so important.

“We need to be sure to make sure we get it right which is why we are so grateful to have support from a global organisation like the IHO, and to be able to draw upon their experiences elsewhere.”
NHS  Grampian 
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Hospital funding shortfall 'harming north-east patients' | Press and Journal
Research by the party shows that the region’s health board receives £1,656 per head of population – £342 per person less than Greater Glasgow and Clyde. [...] The report highlights that NHS Grampian receives funding at a level of 1.5% under the recommended amount, and that while the government has committed to ending the disparity this year, it did not change between 2015/16 and 2016/17. [...] A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “NHS Grampian has received an additional £16.2million in 2017-18, an increase of 1.8% which brings the board’s overall funding to £898.6million and within 1% of its target share of funding.

“Population level is only one of a range of factors – such as relative deprivation – taken into account when allocating funding to NHS boards.
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity  deprivation  public  health  GP  A&E  Glasgow  poverty 
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Dr Gray’s education role could help retain doctors | Press and Journal
Health bosses are drafting an ambitious vision to use Moray’s biggest hospital as a “training and education centre” in an attempt to break a cycle of recruitment crises.
NHS  Grampian  recruitment  Crisis  hiring  staff  shortage  locum  training 
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Public spending watchdog highlights NHS Grampian’s failure to achieve six out of eight performance targets - Evening Express
An Audit Scotland report shows NHS Grampian missed targets in 2016/17 for child mental health treatment, outpatient appointments and cancer referrals; but hit targets for drug and alcohol treatment, and A&E treatment.

The report shows the board must make £27.7 million savings in the current financial year, plus £25.3m in 2018/19 and £22.2m in 2019/20.
NHS  Grampian 
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Thousands of Scottish cancer scans 'not viewed for a month' - The i newspaper online iNews
?~30 day backlog? 4k images // Although the number of full-time radiologists working in Scotland has increased by 7 per cent over the past five years, the number of cancer diagnostic scans taken rose at a much higher rate. The number of MRI scans and CT scans, which are both important for diagnosing cancer, increased by 67 per cent and 62 per cent respectively. “These figures are further proof of the shortages that are impacting on cancer tests across the country,” said Gregor McNie, public affairs manager in Scotland for Cancer Research UK. //&!,_says_college_1208167 - A new report from The Royal College of Radiologists is warning that a severe shortage of radiologists in the UK is risking timely diagnosis of cancer. &! &! &
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Cancer  healthcare  demand  babyboomers  ageing  premature  waiting  time  referral  treatment  delay  chronic  sick  population  staff  shortage  locum  hiring  recruitment  Radiology 
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Care Appointments | Extra £5 million for NHS Scotland to reduce delays and ease winter pressures
Last winter health boards were given £12 million in additional winter resilience funding and the previous year they received £10.7 million.

This year’s funding follows a £59 million health service cash boost announced in May to drive down waiting times, £9 million of which was targeted at improving A&E performances on waiting times and delayed discharges.
winter  Crisis  NHS  Scotland  Grampian  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  premature  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  Austerity  elective  surgery  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  elderly  adult  social  Disabled  waiting  time  treatment  delay  rationing  A&E  GP 
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Health bosses apologise as number of ops in cancelled by NHS Grampian increase - Evening Express
MSPs held a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the situation at NHS Grampian after new figures showed 9% of all planned operations were cancelled in August. &! - The number of vacancies for consultants and nurses in the North-east has increased. &! - NHS Grampian 'sees 75% of locum spending in north of Scotland' &! Stress fissure show everywhere, even higher up:
NHS  Grampian  elective  surgery  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  bedblocking  bed  blocking  ICU  Council  A&E  GP  babyboomers  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  waiting  times  treatment  delay  patient  safety  adult  social  elderly  Disabled  staff  shortage  winter  Crisis  recruitment  hiring  locum  Nurses 
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NHS Grampian 'sees 75% of locum spending in north of Scotland' - BBC News
NHS GRAMPRIAN Looking to save 30m for the next 3 financial years 2017/18 18/19 19/20. &! &! 22.2million for locum 2015/16 - &! Grampian now so desperate w hiring, considers, planning outsourcing GP services to private provider, which will charge for a profit ~10-30%. &! desperate measures, small change, to keep people away from the hospital/GP/doctors/ ... "link workers", at best you could call em Prescreening. Like in England they want you to go to the Pharmacy first. -
NHS  Grampian  staff  Crisis  locum  Nurses  hiring  Austerity  health  care  demand  rationing  elective  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  Scotland  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  overweight  obesity  recruitment  GP  A&E  Privatisation  outsourcing 
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Health boards to share resources in face of challenges | Inverness Courier | News
Stealth mega merger of northern Healthboards, as preveiously reported about "thoughts" to form 4-5 mega trusts/healthboards for scotland. // A regional delivery plan for the north of Scotland will see health authorities in Highland, Grampian, Tayside, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles form a partnership, members of the Highland board have been told. [...] "With even more challenging times ahead we are absolutely going to need to share our infrastructure across the six health boards in the north."
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  Austerity  merger  rationing  efficiency  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  staff  crisis  medical  advances  demographic  recruitment  hiring  bubble  babyboomers  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  mental 
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Data on NHS waiting lists in Scotland ‘suggests interference’ | Scotland | The Times & The Sunday Times
[ar politicians meddling with the statistics?] The UK Statistics Authority, the official regulator, has looked into a complaint about the publication of waiting list information by the Scottish NHS and concluded that staff made “a series of misjudged decisions”. They accuse the statistics arm of NHS Scotland — the Information Services Division (ISD) — of “catering more for the needs of policy officials” than patients. &! - It was concerned figures given by the Information Services Division (ISD) did not give a full picture of the scale of the problem and that patients returning for treatment, as well as first time patients, had to endure long waits.
NHS  Scotland  Politics  SNP  waiting  time  referral  Grampian  accountability  statistics  GP  delayed  treatment  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  pain  elective  urgent  A&E  care  social  adult  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  overweight  mental  health  Disabled  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  baby  boomers  disease 
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Staff shortages fuelling worst Scottish cancer waiting times for ten years | HeraldScotland
CANCER waiting times are the poorest for a decade amid fears staff shortages in the NHS is impacting on treatments. New figures show that just 13 per cent of patients urgently referred to cancer specialists fail to begin treatment within the target time of 62 days - a three per cent deterioration on the previous year. The biggest falls were in lymphoma, urological and head and neck cancers. Only three of the 14 NHS boards in Scotland met the two-month objective – NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Dumfries and Galloway and NHS Orkney. [...] “A number of health boards are reporting capacity issues [...] NHS Grampian which had the third worst record with 17.7 per cent of referrals failing to meet the standard, said it was facing "ongoing recruitment challenges to medical posts" and "ongoing bed capacity pressures affecting diagnostic tests requiring admission".
NHS  Grampian  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  elective  health  care  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  Scotland 
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NHS Grampian spends £10,000 on trip to find new nurses | Scotland | The Times & The Sunday Times
[wait what? uk doctors moving to aussie land bc NHS! how audatious] However, patient groups and insiders have condemned the trip at a time when the board is trying to make budget cuts of £27.2 million.
NHS  Grampian 
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NHS Grampian in heart patients deal with Newcastle hospital - BBC News
In May the health board said it could not meet the Scottish government's target 12-week timescale for all patients to be given planned surgery. It also said it had been forced to start prioritising the most urgent cases. The issue was raised with the Scottish government by Tory MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston on behalf of a constituent forced to wait three months for surgery. [...] [= delay of all elective surgeries] [...] "However, this service in Newcastle is their third back-up option behind Lothian and Glasgow, and it has not yet been used by patients." [...] £5m has been provided to NHS Grampian." [ to reduce wait lists 2017/18 budget, 28m budget cut planned for 2017/18 ] &! &! bigger waiting times for non urgent care (budget stays same)
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  staff  shortage  Nurses  morale  health  care  demand  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  Austerity  demographic  bubble  ageing  premature  population  chronic  sick  rationing  GP  A&E  referral  waiting  time  delayed  treatment  public 
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